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Text Font in Body of Legal Hold Notice Needs fixed

Level 3

After the 8.0 upgrade, our organization has used a workaround for the error relating to the HTML editor.  Since we can't copy and paste directly from Word, as it returns the "Length of the notice body has exceeded the maximum limit of 13000 characters. The characters used by the HTML editor for tagging are also considered in the characters limit" error, we have been copying from Word into NotePad, and then fixing the formatting in the body of the email.  However, it seems like the font for the legal holds look different per paragraph and the HTML editor doesn't allow us to edit the font in Clearwell.  I tried editing the Word document and making sure the formatting was all the same font, and them copying it into NotePad, but it still resulted in differernt fonts showing up in the legal hold body.  Any suggestions?  Is this a known issue?  


Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hello HoosierUser,

Copying into notepad will strip out the formatting and just make it 'plain'.

If you were to remove the paragaphs when in notepad, paste it in then re-add the paragraphs does it do the same or does it keep the formatting?

I've not seen this reported as an issue, it may be worth raising a case to see if anyone can suggest a better workflow/alternative.