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Configure MSDP node cloud tier on WORM instance

Level 2


We are currently investigating how to add a cloud tier to the Flex at our Disaster Recovery site.

Our plan is that, some business critical backup will be replicated from the Flex at the primary site, to the Flex at the DR site, from which it will duplicate to Azure cloud, where the backup will be kept for a very long period of 7+ years.

From what I read "About the Media Server Deduplication (MSDP) node cloud tier", the procedure of add a cloud tier is fairly straight forward.

However, I have been told (by our backup consultant) that, this method needs a dedicated cache serving as a landing zone, when it uploads the backup to the cloud, or downloads the backup from the cloud for restore.

The thing is, our MSDP is a WORM instance which has 100% storage space allocated to it, which means, there is no free space left on the storage.

So, my questions are

  • Where is this "cache" space the cloud tier would create ?
  • If it would take some space within the WORM storage, then how much space it would take ? 
  • And, since the data on WORM is undeletable, then how the cloud tier could manage this ? I mean, it would certainly need to delete the data in this cache space each time after the data is uploaded to the cloud, or each time after the data is downloaded from the cloud for restore ?





Level 4


The WORM instance is fundamentally a storage server that is lack of services that a regular MSDP media server. So, cloud tiering (aka MSDP-C) is not supported within WORM instances.

You need to create a media server instance with MSDP that is at least 1017 GiB size to allocate cloud volumes.

You can log a case to support to shrink the existing capacity dedicated to WORM instance and free up the required space given above.