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Application clustering.


I'm trying to cluster an application using SFHA 6.0 on a 2 node cluster on Solaris 10.  The application makes both inbound and outbound connection to other application servers.  The VCS cluster is configured with cluster service group and VVR service group (for data replication). 

The issue here is that the application uses the first available IP address (in the ifconfig ouptut) for the outbound connections instead of the VIP assigned to it.  Now this becomes a problem when the cluster service group and the VVR ips are also up.  So in a case where the cluster service IP is first in the ifconfig output the application uses this IP to make outbound connection instead of the VIP due to which it fails.  There is no issue with inbound connections to this VIP.

Thanks in Advance. 

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This is the way the network

This is the way the network stack works in Solaris.  If you have an RDC (you are replicating within a single cluster as oppose to between cluster) then you don't need an IP in the ClusterService group, so you could remove the IP resource, but you need the ClusterService group if you have GCO.


Yes, we have GCO too, and

Yes, we have GCO too, and hence ClusterService group is a necessity.

I am not very sure on this

I am not very sure on this but a simple thought, why can't you configure the application IPs to come up on interface which is listed top in ifconfig output  ... the cluster IP can be plumbed on any of other interface which appears lower in the ifconfig list ?




There are only 2 interfaces

There are only 2 interfaces available to the system,which are in an IPMP pair.  The clusterservice group IP, the VVR ip all are plumbed as virtual interface on the same physical interface.

  I believe in Solaris you


I believe in Solaris you can create VNICs using dladm so that your system could see 4 NICs so you could then create 2 IPMP groups - then you could put VVR and cluster service IP into a new subnet.  Normal networking should then direct Solaris to use the right network for your application as it is in a separate subnet.

Hi, virutal interfaces can

Hi, virutal interfaces can also be aligned in order, the first interface you would add (using manual addif) or if VCS does it the order in which service groups are brought online, the resources will come online in same order.

I agree with Mike's suggestion above as well



Can you share your

Can you share your To answer your query we need to look into the configuration how the resources are configured.