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Creating Apache service group for VCS 5.0

Hi,First of all we thank Gene Henriksson for helping us to brake the first barrier.Now we have VCS 5.0 running on 2 sun systems. We have not had any course about thisand our project is about implementing application and database HA.I check all the do...

Free info from Symantec

There are some good FREE downloads on how to use Storage Foundation in publications known as Yellow Books ( The book named "Using Local Copy Services" goes into great detail (195 pages) on how snapshots work and when to ...

Suggested Cluster ID?

When using the Cluster Configuration Wizard in VCS 4.3, the wizard suggests a cluster ID. How does it get this suggested ID? Does the wizard scan the network for other Veritas clusters? Thanks in advance.

Managing cluster logs

I was wondering how people manage their cluster logs. Once you add up all the log files for VCS and all its agents, you can end up with quite a bit of data. Even in our small environment we currently have 339MB of VCS logs.There is a solution at http...

Changes in VCS 5.0 Solaris

There are several features to look for (be sure to read the Release Notes). 1) no more .stale file when you have the configuration open. If you set the cluster attribute "BackupInterval", VCS will save the current config, when open and changes are ma...

The hastatus shows OFFLINE|FAULTED

Hi Folks,We recently installed VCS 4.1 on a two-node cluster ( mars / venus ). We implementedclean monitor offline online scripts in PERLSo far so good. We created the Service Group (APP-RG) and then the following Resource ( IP, ...

VCS Check list required

Hi,I am implementing the VCS 4.1. Can anyone help me to prepare check list for the same. Some basic details are as follows.1. No Of Node: 22. Type : Fail Over mode.3. SAN storage using VXVM4. MQ manager. ( Do I have to install agent for MQ Manager?)

Cluster Server 5.0 on solaris 10 General information

We are students who are implementing VCS 5.0 on solaris 10 platform.�We have private network ( the systems and also a heartbeat link (crossover cable) ( don't have any SAN and we are not replicating data.How c...

VCS Application failure detection time

Dear Gurus i have third party application running in VCS , i have added stop/start script for that in application resource and also provide monitoring process , when i kill the application process manually cluster can detect it , failover it other n...

M_Aziz by Level 4
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Making Cluster IP primary interface ?

Hi AllI've a 2 node cluster on Solaris 8 and I'm having some interface problems.node1 has a single NIC with a real IP of has a single NIC with a real IP of the cluster is running on either of the nodes it has th...

Andy_M by Level 3
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How to implement a forced IP takeover in the same SG

I am using Storage Foundation HA for Windows version 4.3in platform WindowsServer2000 with service pack 4I have added one executable file as process type recourse of a service group (SG2).Now I want to implement a forced IP takeover.I want this force...

Adding node in two node cluster ( MNIC question )

i have running 2 node cluster running on solaris with mnic,ipmnicb and added third node , now i have following nodes-host1 -host2-host3host1 is running oracle agent , host3 is running nfs , host2 is failover for both nodei want to configure ipmultipa...

M_Aziz by Level 4
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Storage Foundation HA for Windows 5

If you look at it says SFWHA 5.0 was released on 2nd October 2006. Obviously this isn't right, but I was wondering if we'll see SFWHA 5 with the same feature set as VCS and SF f...

VCS simulator setup

I had downloaded VCS simulator on my laptop. I am looking for the document which describes the procedure to setup and start using it. Can anyone help me with kickstart the VCS simulator on my laptop.

hasim for solaris x86

Hi Boys and Girls I was wondering if there is any one who has got the veritas cluster simulator and cluster explorer for Solaris x86

VCS unknown state

Hi all, I am running vcs as a 6 to 1 setup.One day one of the machine failed over to the standby machine, and then the whole vcs messed up. When I do a hastatus -sum, all machine show UNKNOWN state. I tried to hastop and start again, 4 machine state ...