EV 10.0.4 not archiving mailbox using task

I'm working with a customer who has a large mailbox >500GB, a few years ago this mailbox was a PST which was improted into Exchange (2003).  It looks like the emails are not archiving from the task but they do when archived manually

The emails are showing to be a message class type of IPM.Note, and that message class type is selected for archiving.  Looking at the EV tab on the properties page of the mailbox inbox folder show that the folder is using the default mailbox policy settings.

I can see from the dtrace that the items look like they are being added to a "list" but none of the MSMQ have any activity and no mails are being archived. If i run a report it shows thousands of mails are eligible for archiving but have not been archived.

210867            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:M            {CArchivingAgent::GetFolderPathForSavesetExchangeLocation:#5749} folder path to store [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

210868            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CArchivingAgent::QueueEligibleItem:#25024} Eligible Item Strategy [Age]

210869            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultStatusEx} (Entry)

210870            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultStatusData} (Entry)

210871            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultStatusData}|Vault ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx|Status: 1|Limit Status: 0|Storage Svc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|Rollover Vault Smiley IndifferentVault Store Status: 0

210872            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultStatusData} (Exit) Status: [Success]

210873            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultThrottleStatus} (Entry)

210874            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultThrottleStatus:#1146} Storage Service [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx throttle status: [DV_DS_AS_AVAILABLE (1)].

210875            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultThrottleStatus} (Exit) Status: [Success]

210876            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultStatusEx:#759} The throttle status for archive [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] is unchanged: [DV_DS_AS_AVAILABLE (1)].

210877            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetStorageInfoData} (Entry)

210878            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetStorageInfoData:#1225} Vault [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx status: [DV_DS_AS_AVAILABLE (1)]

210879            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetStorageInfoData} (Exit) Status: [Success]

210880            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultStatusEx:#793} Checked Storage information, and the throttle status for archive [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] is still [DV_DS_AS_AVAILABLE (1)].

210881            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CStorageArchive::GetVaultStatusEx} (Exit) Status: [Success]

210882            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CEligibleItemList::ReserveQualifyingPosition:#199} bQualifyByAge[True] m_archivingstrategy[1]

210883            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CPrioritizedItemTable::GetQualifyingPosition:#249} (Age) - Qualified to enter list

210884            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CEligibleItemList::ReserveQualifyingPosition:#221} m_StandingQualifiedList[1] iCallerToken[13194]

210885            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CPrioritizedItemTable::InsertRow:#283} (Age) - Inserting a new row

210886            16:06:43.652   [13232]           (ArchiveTask)  <4900>            EV:L            {CEligibleItemList::InsertItem:#166} insert age table item

I think why EV thinks this is a Domino shortcut is because it may have been from the PST previusly.  For what it's worth, I have configured the IgnoreEVDates registry key with a value of 3 and 0, both made no difference.

I have tried setting draft items to be archived, no difference either,

Anyone have any ideas on how we can get these emails archived?


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500GB? that's incredibly

500GB? that's incredibly massive for an Exchange mailbox and especially 2003. how many items are in it? 


i know, i thought exactly the

i know, i thought exactly the same. It has ~50 million items


i doubt it'll work because EV

i doubt it'll work because EV needs to enumerate all the messages in the mailbox before the task will start archiving. your best bet would be to split up the mailbox into 50 smaller ones. even still, you're taking about a million items per mailbox which would be tough on Exchange 2003 and EV both.


Hi Andy, thanks for your

Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. Currently i have left the task running for 4 days straight now and it has archived around 30000 items. I understand completely what you are saying and understand the strain it must be having on the systems. However what i cant seem to work out is (and this may purely be coincidental), the archiving of these items appeared to have happened over the last three nights, i don’t understand what is happening at night and not in the day to archive the items. I have checked the following:

- Tasks, only this task is running, i have stopped all other tasks and the schedule for this task specifically is blank on the schedule it is purely running from a "run now" task.

- Backup mode, backup mode isn’t being set so i know that is not kicking in overnight.

-DTrace, all i seem to see in the DTrace now is 

Another thread is currently processing mailbox [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx], this request will be put to the back of the queue

An archive folder request could not be carried out because the mbx was locked on another operation [ARCHIVING_E_ARCHIVEFOLDER_MAILBOX_LOCKED (0xc0040b63)], so aborting the current msg and reposting to the back of the msg queue without incrementing it's retry count.

 [The dispenser will abort the current item being processed, the item will be requeued for later processing      (0xc00408e6)]

It took [0.022220] seconds to process the [MsgID_ProcessMovedItemsInFolder4 (89)] MSMQ message body (ActivateObject). Processing the message [failed].

Agent will sleep and abort the the current MSMQ transaction.

Retrieved a [MsgID_ProcessMovedItemsInFolder4 (89)] MSMQ message on queue [\Private$\Enterprise Vault Exchange Mailbox Task for xxxxxxxxxx A6] and it's retry count [0] is within retry limits.


- all the message queues seem to be low or empty. A6 has 300 in, that’s it but this again changes overnight.

It would be good to understand if something is running overnight which is processing the list which it mentioned above?

Also is there a SQL query that can be run so i can see how many items the task has so far processed?