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Resolved! Merge EV Sites

Dear Friends, I would like to know detailed info on how two EV Sites residing in different AD Forests as in two different companies, can be merged? Other than third party tools, I am looking at using the built-in options availabe as first priority ...

vjose79 by Level 4
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Orphaned Shortcut list

Is there a way to get a list of orphaned shortcuts from a users mailbox? We and and issue where expiration ran against some mailboxes but should not have so the process was halted but there are orphaned shorcuts in the users mailbox. MGMT would like ...

Moving FSA data by Volume Replication

Hi all,  I'm trying to move data from one EV FSA server to another using Volume Replication as a test concept, and am experiencing the following error on the destination server... ***Information***-This volume was ignored on this run of the task. I...

Resolved! Symantec Enterprise Vault HTTP-Only Outlook Add-in-en v10

We are running EV9.0.2 and upgrading to 11.0, I want to install the Symantec Enterprise Vault HTTP-Only Outlook Add-in-en 10.0 on all our clients first, so when we go to 11.0 , they are compatible and there is no downtime. I have a couple of question...

Resolved! Moving EV from VCS to Microsoft Cluster

Hi, My customer is planning to say goodbye to the Veritas Cluster and we need to move the EV platform to a Microsoft Cluster. I migrated EV from VCS to other VCS before, but never between VCS to Microsoft. Any thoughts regarding this change? somet...

Resolved! How to move index to a new server in BULK?

Hi,  I Install a new Enterprise Vault 10 Index dedicate server, I have more then 5000 mailbox archive and have lots of huge archive (+100000 itens), We dont have Journaling,  I need to move +5000 archive Index to the new server, I been moving archi...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! SQL Query

i am after a SQL query to display: uservault storeEV server   We are on EV 8sp5 using SQL 2005.   Can anyone provide such a SQL query please?

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! SSO not working

Hi all, I've a EV 10 cluster archiving a Lotus Domino and the users are not able to search archived email with the EV search from their lotus domino clients (from iweb also) because it seems that SSO is not working. In fact, it asks for the credenti...

superf by Level 4
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Resolved! Upgrading of Journaling CA/DA from 9.0.2 to 10.4

Hi All, I am stuck with a an issue, my environment has EV journaling 9.0.2 CA 9.0.2 and DA 9.0.2 I had plan to upgrade all my infra to 10.0.4 but unluckily i missed an important step and need advice on the same. While upgrading i upgraded the EV j...

Cdee by Level 6
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Resolved! Migrating EV 9 to EV 10 + Splitting Storage and SQL

Greettings!   Yet another EV migration question however this particular scenario I have not seen covered so forgive if there is overlap. Current Config: EV 9.0.2 running on Server 2003 R2 32bit (physical) SQL 2005 running on the EV9 box Datastor...

You cannot restore items to this location.

Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this issue? I have a user that is getting this message when trying to restore any vaulted items to Outlook 2003. This happens when trying to restore using the Outlook Add-ins button but the user can download t...

Resolved! Suppress Outlook popup on Windows Startup

Hello Symantec Community, Can i Suppress Symantec EV Client on Windows Startup?? Problem: -New Created AD User with a Mailbox -User Never Logged in (No Profile on Windows PC) -On first AD logon, Enterprise Vault Add-In Trigger Outlook to Confi...

m_scherr by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV11 Win8.1, IE11, Search page size

Hello all, We've enabled a few users for the new search-page. Users that have Windows 8.1 with IE11 report that the search page is in a large font, and cannot be changed to smaller. when testing changing the size on other sites, that works fine. I...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Evault archive browser search from field

I'm in the pilot for EV 11 new installation and I found an issue with searching in EVault browser. When the archived message has SMTP address ( in the from field and I'm trying to search the sender, if I type "someone" or the whole...

yxm by Level 4
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Resolved! How do I install evpm.exe?

Hi there, I need to run evpm.exe on a dedicated migration server to process INI files and enable users for archiving in EV10. Enterprise Vault is not installed on the migration server but it does have the "EV API Runtime" installed. Does the execut...

BruGuy by Level 6
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Resolved! Mailbox delegates and Enterprise Vault Archive permissions

Hi,   As far as i know, mailbox delegates don't have rights on the archive of that mailbox ? Is that normal or should delegates have access on the archive ? In the policy the Synchronize Folder Permission is ON But Delegates don't get archive ...

Dave201 by Level 3
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Resolved! EV11 SQL query - retention and archive size

Hello all, I have SQL queries that show the amount of items in an archive, the compressed, and the original size. Would it be possible to use an SQL query to show the same per archive, but then with only the items and sizes which have been archived...

GertjanA by Moderator
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