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Does anybody know of a script or tool which can run through each archive and export permissions to a csv/txt/xls file?

For e.g. three users have access to an archive.  I can see this in the VAC by opening the properties of the archive and clicking the Permissions tab.  Is there a way to run this for every archive to pull results and put it into some kind of report or file for analysis...

Im using EV8 on Windows Server 2003


Many thanks

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here is a

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Enterprise Vault Permissions

Enterprise Vault Permissions Browser utility is in the install directory and can help with this informtion.  The Tech article Tech56331 is predicated permissions on Public Folders, but covers what you need for any archive.



Refer following link for some

Refer following link for some details.

there is a new article which

there is a new article which hives a sql dcript that will resolve this request.

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Hi Rob, Do you have a link to

Hi Rob,

Do you have a link to the article?


Accepted Solution!

here is a

Re: here is a

Hello Rob,

can you please post the script here, because Symantec link will not work


Thanks Werner

Re: here is a

Hi Werner,

It is best to open a new thread, but this was an easy find:


Have fun with that :-)

Regards. Gertjan