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Manual archiving working after age based or quota trigger

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In our PROD environment (Evault 10.0.4) we have settings for each Provisioning group to automatically enable mailboxes in EV. When we add any user to appropriate AD group archive creates for each mailbox, but the archive structure is empty (no Inbox and Deleted items folder) and manual archiving isn't working. We have 13 Provisioning groups but more often we use 2 groups for new users- 1) Age based (archive items older 4 months) 2) Based on quota- archive items until mailbox available storage reaches 20%. Archive structure creates when the trigger happens and archiving launches by daily archiving task (items older 4 months or 80% of mailbox space is occupied). Is it possible to allow manual archiving immediately after enabling mailbox in Evault?

The issue became more important because of increasing default mailbox size. For example, if default mailbox size is 10 Gb and Quota based group is applied for some users it can take up to 10-12 monhts for trigger.

We are are faicing the issue since the deployment of Evault, it has never worked before. Thanks in advance.


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Is manual archiving enabled? This should be in the Desktop policy. A user can start manual archiving as soon as the mailbox is synced. The best way to achieve this is as follows:

Schedule your provisioning task to run at 04:00 in the morning. Verify on your mailbox archiving tasks that synchronisation of mailboxes happens about an hour later. This way, new enabled mailboxes will be synced, and have the appropriate policies assigned. If users are having Outlook open overnight, they should close, and open Outlook in the morning. As far as I am aware, this should allow them to start archiving manually. Obviously, then can only archive properly when the Vault Store where their archive is in is not in backup mode.

Regards. Gertjan

We have the following settings in Desktop policy (see attachment).

General settings are:

Provisioning task launches twice per day, one hour later sync of mailboxes, once per day one hour later after second sync launches Archiving task for all mailboxes. Backup mode every night.


The problem is that I can see a new archive in the list, but if I give read permissions for myself and open it via archive explorer it's empty (no folders Inbox and deleted items). We can solve the issue individually by adding the user into Test group and modify policy to archive eligible items (for example if in mailbox the latest items 1 months old we set "archive items older 3 weeks", launch provisioning task manually, launch archiving task in report mode, launch in "Shortcut and processing"- folder structure like Inbox, deleted items and etc. creates, eligible items archive and we assign the default group back, launch Provisioning and manual archiving works well. I am interesting if it's possible to adapt EV configuration to prevent so many actions from engineer side for each user.

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hm. I am unable to test, as we do not use mailboxarchiving anymore... But, to 'fill' the archive, you can do a run now on the mailbox archiving task, then select the newly added mailbox only. that takes away most of that procedure you describe above.

You are aware EV10 is out of support? YOu might want to think about upgrading to EV11, or even to 12 (although you then need Windows2012R2), but you could try a call to support, explain your scenario, and try to get confirmation that is a 'works as designed', or if it is a configuration mismatch somewhere.



Regards. Gertjan

Thanks for your reply. If I do "Run now" using default policy there is no eligible items and folder structure is not creating :) that's why we need to perform the mentioned procedure.

In general, 10.0.4 version works properly in our environment and it's likely that we will abandon the Evault in nearest 1-2 years, so upgrading is not the best idea now.