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Question about EV Reporting install

Hi all, On the EV manual to install Reporting service, it mentions: Do not run the Reporting Configuration utility until you have run the Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard successfully on at least one computer in the site on which Enterprise Vaul...

ALo by Level 4
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Domino EV Windows SSO

I have a Domino environment that is capable of using the users AD credentials to authenticate them to the Domino environment via an SSO document/LTPA token and enabling Windows Single Signon integration. This means our users can open their Windows de...

jjmc by Level 2
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Windows 8.1 & Outlook 2013 & IE11 support?

Hi All, When are we getting / is there support for Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013 with IE11. I have 10.0.4 installed but it doesn't work. I start Outlook and do not get the EV Toolbar. It shows in the add-ins under Inactive rather than disable...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault FSA - mass deletion of archived items

I am running EV v10.03 for File System.  I have a large archive that has reached its retention period.  I need to be able to selectively delete a large number of these archived items.  Is there a powershell script or other utility that I can use to t...

dfranks by Level 3
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Resolved! Change to OVSyncArchiveTypes

Wondering if I alter the Synchronize archive types back to Default Mailbox. Then the user mailbx would show on the vault cache in outlook but they can still go and manually enter any extra vaults they wish to see through the vault cache properties pa...

Resolved! Exchange 2010 journal mailboxes

EV904 Exchange 2010 SP2   I would love to hear how you have setup your journal mailboxes that reside on Exchange 2010. In particular, do you do anything special with these values? RecoverableItemsQuota RecoverableItemsWarningQuota SingleItemRecov...

Enterprise Vault Reports

I've been asked if the following reports could be created for EV -  The amount of emails captured via journaling for a specific journal target mailbox during a specific time-frame. I know there is a canned report that will show emails captured over a...

Install EV 9.0 SP5 Reporting Module on SQL 2012?

Hi all, EV 9.0 SP5 database is on SQL 2008, we want to install the reporting module on a SQL 2012 box, is that possible? I see from compatibly matrix SQL 2012 is not supported, I'm wondering if it's just for the main database? Thanks in advance...

ALo by Level 4
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EV10SP4CHF1 - Remove shortcuts older than not working?

Hello all, I have an issue with the shortcut expiry not working properly. We have set the Shortcut Deletion to 'Delete shortcuts in folders' older than 1 year, and 'Delete orphaned shortcuts' also checked. It looks like the eligeble shortcuts are not...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Report on how much EV will expire on a certain date?

Hi, We started using EV 7 in 2007 and upgraded to version 9 in 2012.  We set retention to 7 years.  So sometime this year it is going to delete some expired items.  My question is, is there a way to find out how much data will be expired or deleted o...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! Move Enterprise Vault 8.5 into standalone read only state

  We are moving away for Enterprise Vault to a shared email system which will now be offsite. We have a significant investment in EV that we just can't delete and it's not an option to move to the new mail system or push everything back to exchange. ...

Reporting Server Errors

Hi,   When I run the following report:  Single Instance Storage Reduction per Vault Store Group I get the following error: An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Query execution failed for dataset 'SiteIdDataSet'. (rsEr...

Resolved! NetBackup with EV configuration question

Hi, Following the next tech note: We see the following 4 procedures to define in NBU in order for EV to be backed up completely: a. Create an Enterprise Vault Policy that has t...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 with HCP sotrage

Hi,   i have a customer who implemented HCP in environment. We have installed Streamer app on the EV server , and created new partition to point to new HCP.  Now Everything work's ok (Archive/Retriev/Restore) but i receive this event:  Storage File W...

Pixa by Level 4
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Resolved! EV9SP4 - export to pst and remove from archive

Hello all, I have a strange issue on one of my environments. I export a folder from an archive called: \inbox\training\.Personnel-Departments1\Closing to PST. That works fine. I then select the option to 'remove item from archive after export', I sel...

GertjanA by Moderator
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EV Index drive is almost full

thanks for time and effort. This morning the storage and task controller service stopped.  When I checked the server the EVIndex drive was low on disk space..77MB left of 2TB. I was able to free up another 300MB due to non index files there. I was re...

goof717 by Level 5
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Resolved! Mass change Bill Usage

Wondering if there is a way to mass change the bill usage active diretory account We have some vaults where the user is deleted from active directory and exchange but the bill usage to say Account Unknown (\S-1-5-21-981810520-441649794-654838779-1340...

Resolved! EV10 event 4216 Access denied. User is not in a role that allows 'Can manage Enterprise Vault Exchange Mailbox tasks'

Hello all, EV10SP4CHF1 - In my testlab, I have configured the SQL roles according to the procedure as described in This seems to work ok. I have however event 4216 in the eventlog: (every 5 minutes) Access den...

GertjanA by Moderator
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