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Resolved! Unable to delete journal archive - Disoovery Accelerator

When I attempt to delete a journal archive, I receive the following:Archive 'JOURNAL NAME' has been moved and cannot be deleted because it is currently being used by the following applications:Discovery Accelerator: COMPANY NAMEI did some digging to ...

Dan_A1 by Level 4
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Deleting a few Vault Stores

Hi We have EV12.2 doing email and journal archiving and a small amount of FSA. I want to delete several vault stores that I no longer archive to as i need to reclaim the space used by the vault store partitions to provision other servers on the SAN. ...

CadenL by Moderator
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Resolved! EV FSA Powershell Command

Hello All,We have launched our new FSA platform and I would like to try and automate creating volumes with the Powershell "new-evfsavolume" command however, it appears the option to enable FSA Reporting when creating the volume isn't availble. Is the...

Resolved! Cross Forest Migration

 We are going to be doing a cross forest migration, Our current EV environment is EV 12.2Mailbox, journal and Discovery archives@10k mailbox archivesExchange 2010 SP3 New Forest Exchange 2016EV TBDIs there a built in process to do this in EV or is th...

Resolved! Items archival rate report

Hi With EV12.2 is there a way to get a view on how many items are being archived per hour? I don't have SSRS so can't use the 'Items Archival Rae Report' but thought there might perhaps be an SQL query I could run to get this? kind regards 

CadenL by Moderator
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e-mail expiration, possibility of restoring ?

Hi !A user asked me a question about a case that was deleted. I explain to you: The user created a case on May 9th. The period for this case was from January 2013 to December 2015. Our retention policy is 5 years. In this case, there were emails from...

Resolved! Can't open attachments

Hi,I'm having problems opening attachments from archived emails in Outlook 2013 - recently archived emails are OK, but anything older than 2018 prompts for credentials, and after entering a valid username and password, the error message: 'Symantec En...

Llwyd by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault crashing randomly - Outlook 365

Hi,Currently a few of our users are having issues with Enterprise Vault randomly crashing and i wondered if i could get some assistance.The version of EV we are using is 12.3.1.XXX and we upgraded from the symantec version of 11.0.1.XXXSince the upgr...

nate009 by Level 2
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Resolved! Archive cleanup after placeholder deleted

Hi,I saw that in our configuration the option "Delete archived file when placeholder is deleted" is not selected yet.As we have a big archive I would like to remove data from the archive for already deleted placeholders (which are for sure hundreds o...

Resolved! Add-in v10.0.4 against EV12.4 server functionality

Hello,We are upgrading from EV11.0.1 to EV12.4 but some PCs still have add-in v10.0.4.  We may not upgrade if the restore from vault button soes not work in Outlook so, ¿Has anyone checked this functionality in those versions before?Thanks in advance

Permission needed for launching EVBAadmin

Hi,I need to give permission to a account so that it can launch EVBAadmin portal i.e http:\\localhost\EVBAAdmin. The account is local admin and I have provisioned the below permissionsPermissions on the Windows and ASP.NET temp foldersThe Authenticat...

Resolved! EV 12.4 Installation problem.

Hello everyone,Im trying to install EV 12.4, I have already executed the server preparation scanner run, after validating requirements for installation Im executing the Installation of a standalone Administration Console in a server but the installat...

EVuser17 by Level 3
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Resolved! Export Archive to Original Mailbox Failing

I've disabled my user from archiving and want to export the archive to original mailbox.When I go through the wizard and choose the option to export back to my mailbox (yes my mailbox has enough space in it) and click to start it then just says Faile...

Marcrp by Level 5
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Problem with Restoring Emails back to Archive

Hi All,We had to re-hydare one of the users mailbox, which completed successfully. Using outlook we archived few months of emails into PST file.Now we want to export all the emails older than 6 months back to EV so I followed the below articlehttps:/...