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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 11.0.1CHF5 Journal Indexing stopped

Planning on moving to 12 after Christmas but typically on 24 Dec the Exchange Journal has stopped indexing on the current server with EV 11. Can't see any bad events or issues.If try to syncronise the 5 associated indexes from current journal the las...

Zatirev by Level 3
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Office Mail App - All Users

Hi,I have this article: it doesnt actualy fit the bill, the start of the shell is still defining a get-mailbox.Does anyone know a script that will Enable a...

File retrieval after upgrade to 12.4 not possible

Dear all,we just upgraded from EV 11.0.1 to EV 12.4 and now we cannot retrieve archived files. We had this once when we upgraded from 10.0.4 CHF3 to 11.0.1 In a former case it came to light that the former newest client had a memory leakage and the r...

woelki by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault Archiving Task Isn't Working

Hi,The Archiving Task isn't working. Ran DTrace and got the following error.2 08:55:57.880 [28452] (RetrievalTask) <22656> EV~E Event ID: 8392 TheEnterpriseVault.DirectoryVault object reported an error.| |A call to the system functionSafeArrayGetElem...

Nials by Level 3
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Archiving Task Not Working

Hi, Archiving Task is not working on Vault Server. Ran Dtrace and found this error:2 08:55:57.880 [28452] (RetrievalTask) <22656> EV~E Event ID: 8392 TheEnterpriseVault.DirectoryVault object reported an error.| |A call to the system functionSafeArray...

Nials by Level 3
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change ev service account password

Hi all,Please be informed that we are going to change ev service account password.we are now using EV email and file archiving servers without cluster service. As we checked that we need to change the VSA password in the Vault Admin Console (VAC). (R...

Y1251 by Level 5
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Resolved! SearchFolderManager tool

HiAfter updating our EV platform to v12.3, I see that events with ID 3492 appear frequently in mail archiving tasks:The archiving task stopped processing the following mailbox. Search folders are needed in the mailbox to enable the archiving task to ...

EV 9.0.2 Journal task not archiving

It seems like every few months, I check the Journal task and it quit archiving the journal mailbox.  I've tried all my tricks from the past that has fixed it and so far, as much as I can tell, it's still broken and not archiving the journal mailbox. ...

Resolved! Cross Forest Migration Enterprise Vault 12.2

Hi All,we are planning to do AD cross forest migration to new forest.current EV environment:- Enterprise Vault 12.x.- Archiving targets: Exchange 2010 MBX server - Windows 2012 File Servers.Proposed environment in the new forest:-  Enterprse Vault ->...

Vulnerability Issue on Enterprise Vault

Dear allWe already implement EV to our customer, then wen want to go live they doing Pentest to assest all security issue on enterprise vault. They access enteprise vault search and found some vulnerability with low score based on CVSS (Common Vulner...


Enterprise Vault limitation

Hi,I am just curious if there any limitation of enterprise vault "Total Items", "Active Archives" or "Total Size" for the whole company.Regards,Sbug

Shlomi3 by Level 1
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slides or graphics to explain safety copies

Hi, Does anyone have some diagrams or simple slides to explain enabling safety copies. I have put down some main points and flow below but seems overly complicated to explain in just words.Overview:The safety copy option if enabled basically allows  ...

Merv by Level 6
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Anyone have experience with SMS archiving?

I have a cloud solution in place but it has not bee nreliable lately.  Anyone out there found a solution for sending archived messages to an on-premise EV servers?  I would rather use a different solution.  I have a mix of iPhone and Android devices....

Chad_I by Level 3
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Resolved! SMTP Journaling Target Config Error EV 12.3.1

Hi AllI have a customer that is using Exchange Journaling and want to move to SMTP Journaling on EV 12.3.1. I have created the SMTP task and retention Policies and a new SMTP Archive in the Journal Vault store. The task is being created on the same s...

SolarP by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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