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Resolved! Event 6592 Abnormal error occurred

Hi ,   We recently upgraded from EV8 to EV9, now we have in the eventlog many 6592 Events. The message we get is: Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault Date:          8/14/2012 1:08:09 PM Event ID:      6592 Tas...

Dave201 by Level 3
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Resolved! Vault Cache folder size

This may be a something basic and might not be a problem as such, but I cannot find the info anywhere in this forum and I hope someone can anwer the question for me. Some basic background info. We have around 1200 users, some with pretty large mail a...

Resolved! Retention Category Not Updated

Hello This forum is in continuation of below forum: As per the previous forum discussion, I completed the implementation and applied the retention cat...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! EV Outlook Add-In - Detecting emails archived by EV

Hi everyone, I would like to write an Outlook add-in in C# that is able to detect if a given email is stored in exchange or in enterprise vault. Is there some way I can detect the difference from my add-in code?  This should be possible since outlook...

Resolved! Searching an archive

Hi, My boss would like doco on being able to search EV.  He's interested in the advanced searcing features and wants an exhaustive list of what each field can be.  For example, searching Outlook categories requires specific values, and although I kno...

Sortid by Level 6
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Resolved! Index location change

There was a thread (now locked) that was asking what type of Powershell commands we would like to see created.  I need one that will take a list of users/archives from a file (txt, csv, etc) and change their index location to a new server and move th...

Grilli by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV prompting useraccount windows

Hi Has anyone else had a problem where using site http://evserver/EnterpriseVault/ArchiveExplorerUI.asp that does not prompt for password but when using http://evserver.fulldomainname/EnterpriseVault/ArchiveExplorerUI.asp this does prompt... This al...

Sani_B by Level 6
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Resolved! Upgrade guidance

Hello,   I'm hoping someone will be able to provide some guidance for my issue. I'm running EV 6SP6. My company has migrated all exchange globally, to three clusters in our HQ in Europe. My three local Exchange servers have since been shut down and d...

Resolved! Unable to add additional user to former employee Vault

Hi, When I add the new replacement employee account I got the following error:   --------------------------- Enterprise Vault --------------------------- Please enter an existing Windows Domain account name. --------------------------- OK    --------...

Resolved! reporting on the age of archived messages

The closest I have found to what we need is mentioned here: We have already implemented EV (version and have archived messages from mailboxes and ...

Resolved! Archived files go to "Failed External Filter" folder.

I recently enabled a user's account for archiving, but whenever she tries to manually archive, the clock appears over the message and then the message goes into "Failed External Filter".  I checked the security logs on the EV server and it shows the ...

Resolved! Removing EV Server?

Hi Folks, We currently have two E.V. servers, EV01 manages our mail archiving, EV02 was setup to manage file archiving.  We never really setup file archiving, only did some testing. What we want to do is uninstall E.V. from EV02 and flatten this to b...

pss53 by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 Deployment scanner issue

Hi!   I am running EV 10 Deployment scanner and have Warning for DCOM     Both DCOM and Windows Firewall are enabled on your system. To ensure that you have correctly configured Windows Firewall to work with DCOM, see article

Vlad2010 by Level 4
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