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Resolved! Copy archived file without recalling the original

EV 8.0.5 on 32bit 2003 server  I have File System archiving in place on a server.  I have configured pass through-recall on this server and volume. services have been restarted where required. Recommeded registry settings applied as well. I need to C...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Reporting Error

Whenever I run the 24 hour health status reports on services, I always get a 4 - Data Unavailable as the result. At the bottom, it says "No status was available for the day." I get the same result on the 7 day status.  Anyone have an idea on why is d...

Resolved! ERROR in Admin Console

This is the error i have in my EV Console. Days since items archived from Exchange mailboxesHow to fix41292It is more than 7 days since Enterprise Vault found items to archive from any mailboxes on Exchange Server I have tried the fix but it did not...

Resolved! Password Prompt in web browser

Is there away to change what it says when connecting to the web browser? For example, it says Connect to Server Name. Is there away to change that to a Cname?

Resolved! Vault Cache and Expiry

If we have we have items stored in Vault Cache, how would this work with Expiry? Is there a retention policy for Vault Cache?

Resolved! Evault take over - reverse engineer/understand

I will try to make the back story as short as possible,  My former IT manager (no longer with us) installed Evault did not train anyone on it, basically it is a black hole to us.  Second our main Exchange guy did not know anything about Evault as wel...

Resolved! I need to delete a mailbox, but retain the archive

When users leave the organization, we perform a 'zero day' archive then delete the mailbox.  However, if the archvie exists, in the provisioning task we get the error: "Mailboxes on Exchange Server [<servername>] that have entries in the Enterprise V...

Resolved! Store Vault

Can a user use store vault action from http only outlook plugin to store an email from it's pst file. It gets error message .  

Resolved! Archive Explorer Permissions.

Hi, We seem to be having a problem with archive explorer showing us accounts we don't have access to? We've checked the permissions in exchange and we definatly don't have permissions to some of the mailboxes we can see in Arch Explorer. Is there any...

pss53 by Level 4
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Resolved! 'TRUNCATE_ONLY' is not a recognized BACKUP option.

Hello together, we have moved our EV Databases to a new SQL server yesterday. Some details about our environement: EV 9.01. for Exchange. New SQL server is a SQL 2008 x64 R2. From the compatibility charts I could see that SQL 2008 x64 is supported wi...

Resolved! Implications for EV when upgrading the SQL server

I am looking at upgrading my version of SQL to 2005 what implications will this have for my EV 8.0 server.  I know SQL 2005 is supported however I am wondering what work will be required on the actual EV server. I appreciate that all tasks and servic...

Topper454 by Level 3
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FSAUtility error within Enterprise Vault 9.0.1

I am trying to run the following command, and as of just recently I am getting errors that FSAUTILITY can not copy Arcive items. up until this week I ran this tool on a regualr basis without issue, not sure exactly what has changed.... Any ideas?   f...

stang92 by Level 3
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Resolved! Different desktop policy settings for one user

I have one user in my environment who requires a different desktop policy setting than the rest of my users. Is there a way to assign this user a different desktop policy without creating another provisioning group and Exchange group etc.

Resolved! EnablePSTMigrationMessage.msg + Server Driven Migration

Hello I am working on a drill/effort to ingest PST files from domain into Enterprise vault. I have configured Post migration message which is working as it should however - I want to leverage pre migration message as well. The EnablePSTMigrationMessa...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! File System Analyzer tool has topped working

I have installed the tool on a offline server with admin access to every share. Now when the scans starts, after a while the tool gives the following error:   Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: ...

Resolved! Moving the enterpise vault between different directory.

Hi Team,   I face an issue moving the Enterprise vault between different direcotry. My window environment have 2 domain and 2 child domain. Each site have each standalone EV box, now my task is migrating all vault into one box. So i have install a ne...