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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Migration Single server to Cluster

  Currently we have Single Enterprise Vault 9.0 running on Windows Server 2003 32-bit with Shared Storage, Indexing , Vault Store all located on SAN. Note Exchange and SQL is already running with microsoft cluster. Now we want to migrate Enterprise V...

Saqib_Alam by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrate Mail out of Enterprise Vault 7.5 SP4

Hi, we are currently looking to export all our mail archives using the Export Wizard.  This is not a problem, but we are struggling to find out how to remove all shortcuts to EV archived mails.   In addition, is there a way we can change the PST expo...

paul_f1 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Clarity on File Archive Move

Hi All I have a customer which has 2 FSA EV servers Server1 and Server2 . They are installed in 2 separate geographical locations and each has its own Vault Store Database and they each target NepApp file servers in there own campus network The custo...

Resolved! Testing Enterprise Vault backups

We are using SEV 8 SP4 with Exchange 2007 SP2 We are forced to test our backups every few months or so to make sure they are functioning properly. We utilize netbackup with the SEV agent.   Is there a recomended test or procedure for performing these...

Resolved! Enterprise vault Archiving & PST reporting

Dear friends, I know that how check user enable or disable in enterprise vault with help of SQL query, Can you tell me, how many user PST file are migrated in Enterprise vault?  And how many user are accessing PST file from archiving explore. That de...

sandeepk by Level 5
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Resolved! Services Stopped

Hello Thanks for looking My enterprise vault services stopped suddenly earlier today, when I look into the windows event log it reports that the C Drive is near capacity and the services are stopping. Good feature to have! However when I loggen in ap...

Resolved! Windows 2008 Replication With FSA

Hi All I have FSA Installed on my file server and want to use windows DFS Replication to replicate to my DR site. DFS uses block level replication as far as I am aware, Is this a workable solution? Will DFS migrate the placeholders or will it retreiv...

Resolved! Folder based archiving with EVPM

hi, i want to automatically create 1 archive folder in user mbxs and archive this folder with EVPM. I created ini file,but when i run the script for 3 cas server it couldnt create the arsiv folder? I couldnt see my mistake? --------------------------...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! Enable zapped mailbox

We've just upgraded to EV9SP2 using EV9 client on Office 2003/2010.  I've got a few users who do not get the EV icons (but others do when they log on to those PCs).  I did some log checking (LoggingLevel=3) for the EV client and it looks like for tho...

Sortid by Level 6
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Resolved! Generate Reports of Archived mailbox

Hi Folks, I am trying to generate reports of mailbox archived in Enterprise vault which will tell me user name, Display Name, number of items archived, Archive Size, Latest archived date etc etc. I tried it getting the report by running manually usin...

Cdee by Level 6
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Resolved! Inbox folder missing in archive explorer

Hi, One of my user is missing his inbox folder in archive explorer. it can see in normal outlook and in archive explorer its not there. we are using EV 9 and the user mailbox in exchange 2010 and the client is outlook 2010 with Enterprise vault clien...

Resolved! EV Saveset Error

In an older Discovery Accelerator case, it was brought to my attention that an error existed on an item that was under review. When I went to the DA event log, I saw the following error: APP AS - Customer ID: 24 - An Error has occured when retrieving...

Resolved! User quit but is now back

Hello, We had a user quit  for about a week only to return to the company. Her account was deleted so her archive permissions show account removed. Is there a way to give the recreated account access to this archive again and start using it? Her new ...

Resolved! definitive answer on access to other mailboxes

Hi All can someone provide me an answer on what to expect from EV for the different types Exchange permissions to access other user mailboxes ? i.e. if you give user A full access to the mailbox of user B, the associated archive for user B will now b...

adebola24 by Level 5
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Resolved! Error message when restoring emails from Vault

Hi all, One of my users is receiving an error message when trying to restore emails from the Vault. The error message states no emails can be restored due to no emails being selected. (which is obviously not the case ;) ) I've searched everywhere onl...

Tinkie by Level 2
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