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Resolved! EV9 - Move Archive and Vault Cache sync

All, We have just concluded a large PST migratio project in which we added a number of additional EV servers to help with the ingestion of PST files.  We now want to move the archives back to the original EV servers.  We are using EV 9.0.2 and determ...

Resolved! EV Disk Read Every 15 Minutes?

I have an issue with an EV server running 8.5 that's performing a SQL operation every 15 minutes on the dot. I'm trying to find out what the Enterprise Vault Admin service is doing that causes the SQL service to perform a read operation of 60 MBs on ...

Symatec File Archive Solution

Unable to open .doc/.pdf/etc recieving ACCESS DEDIED. Only happening to 2 user at the moment. Other can access. Operating System XP SP3.

Narda by Not applicable
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Resolved! Sql Collation

Hello, I move the Sql Database from sql server 2000 to sql server 2005. When I run the Deployment Scanner,the follow issuse shows up: Information:no mixed collation found in Enterprise Vault SQL Database sqlsrv: Unmatched default SQL collation: Serve...

Exchange 2010 and DACs

All,   Does anyone have any experienca using EV in an environment using Exchange 2010 DAGs with DACs  Datacenter Activation Coordination (DAC)   Are DACs supported?     Regards Mark

Mark_Ludgate by Level 6
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archiving task on remote server does not archive

Hi,   Have an Exchange 2007 SP3RU3 server in a remote site (connected via 60 mbps link, round trip aprox. 20 ms), where the archivng task fails to actually archieve any items, however no errors are indicated. The EV (ver 901) server is placed in the ...

Tmast by Level 3
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FSA Placeholder Deletion

I have a problem and I cannot seem to figure it out:- I have EV9 SP1 and FSA is causing me a headache! My file server is a Windows 2008 server with NTFS drives. My Policy states: Delete Archived file when placeholder is deleted My Retention Category ...

Resolved! How to export all email items from EV Server ?

Hi Experts, Is there any way to export all of the User mailbox content from EV server into Outlook PST ? Because when I export manually from Outlook, and then import it in the other company, it failed with some message cannot be loaded 100% (still pa...

Resolved! When do shortcuts get created?

We have one server that we are desperate to save space on. Policy is set to create shortcuts immediately, and storage groups are configured to remove safetey copies after backup. A typical line in the task log looks like this: 5/12/2011 12:17:36 AM \...

Kellino by Level 4
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Resolved! Are there benefits to multiple tasks?

Is there any performance benefit (threading/scheduling, etc.) to having shares/archive points be distributed across multiple tasks versus all running within the same task? Say for example a file server has two different shares being archived, and eac...

Kellino by Level 4
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Resolved! Delete from Vault and Single Instance Storage

I now have a requirement to delete email from some users exchange mailbox archives (mainly due to some PST data being imported into an incorrect mailbox;  and some other clever users who need shortcuts recreated after deleting them many months ago). ...

Zap by Level 4
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User cannot open some attachments EV8

Hi all :) I have a user on Outlook 2003 who cannot open some attachments in her archived emails. This is a desktop so it is online, not offline. Some attachments appear at the top of the email as they should but some are hyperlinks at the bottom of t...

TRP by Level 5
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Resolved! Failed to Start the Exchange Mailbox Task - MAPI Error

Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 - Working fine - possible MS updates could be the root cause, unsure: Worked with Symantec Support, Critical, they have pushed this up the chain..... Simply the Archiving task will not start because the system is telling me tha...

Resolved! Upgrading EV6 to EV9

In preperation for upgrading Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 SP1, I've been tasked to upgrade an existing Veritas Enterprise Vault 6 enviornment that is configured as follows: EVault 6 SP3 and SQL 2005 RTM on the same server archiving only Exchange 20...

MilP by Not applicable
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PST ingestion - Auto-increasing Mailbox Quota

Having error 6742 for some larger .PST files when attempting to ingest them into Archive. "The mailbox does not have enough space ...." etc... One of the solutions for previous vault versions was to convert unstructured archive into structured and th...

FSA agent deplyment automation

Good day. Can we help to find out how to bulk deploy the FSA agent on ~150 file servers... I can't find any information  neither about silent .msi deploiment, nor about available switches for FSA agent msi... Thank you!

dksoft by Level 4
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