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Cannot use Auditing after moving SQL Server

So another one. If your running your EV install on Windows 2008 and you move the SQL database to another server. Your auditing may fail even after following the documents on moving the database. Also if you try the create the odbc record for EVAu...

Resolved! Cannot Schedule Discovery Accellerator

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this one. But I went to create a scheduled query to run for a specific period of time.  Anyway when you submit the request it fails to create and even after making the relevant changes as per the install docs fo...

Deploy EV 8 SP3 reports on SQL Reporting server running on XP

Dear All, I want to deploy the EV reports to a SQL reporting server running on Windows XP SP3. Unfortunately, the option to install the reports is not available after running the EV setup. Is it possible to trick the software and install the report...

Icento by Level 3
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OWA 2k7 not returning archived items

Hi The environment consists of the following... A single Exchange 2007 server with CAS and Mailbox, OWA 2k7 extensions from EV 8.0 SP4 media installed. Single enterprise vault server (8.0 SP4) with the IP address for exchange configured on the virtu...

Resolved! EV 8.0 SP4 - Enterprise Vault Online section not loading

Hi, I have just recently upgraded EV from EV 8.0 SP2 to SP4. It did so successfully however, the Enterprise Vault Online section would not load. I have been searching the forums high and low for a resolution to this, as it is a demo server which nee...

Resolved! EV Restore from Vault button

Using Exchange 2003, EV 2007, Outlook 2003 - I need to add the "Restore From Vault" button in Outlook for just a couple of users. The EV policy that they are a member of currently has this button hidden. To save me ammending that policy or creating a...

Enterprise vault upgrade and movement

Hi All, I am currently working on a project to upgrade EV 7.5 to 8 and migrate it to a new hardware. There are 2 EV servers in the site archiving 4 exchange mailbox servers. The need is to migrate both these servers to a new hardware with EV 8. ...

SKiran by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault manual archive not working

Guys, I am having trouble with manual archiving When users try to archive mails manually, the EV shows the following error. “Could not process the selected item. Reason: Server error has occurred”, Please find the screenshot for more information. I...

Arif by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to create Monitoring Database

Hi, I've just upgraded all the way from v6 to v8. When running the configuration tool after the upgrade it failed to create the monitoring database becuase of an issue we had with our SQL box. This has now been fixed and I've rerun: Monitoring...

EV Email Errors - Partial Display?!!?

Hi Guys, First time poster, long time reader. We are having an issue with a client PC whereby it will not display certain emails fully. We can load the emails up on another machine (admin user) and it will display the emails fine, so we know the v...

AndyDot by Level 2
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Resolved! Archiving does not start

I have installed EV 8.0 SP3 on a server and everything is configured (as far as I can see). Manually I can archive items and also run the archive task to archive items. But automatically nothing is being archived. I have configured the policy that a...

ZeRoC00L by Level 6
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Ev PST Migration Server based - PST Passwords

Hi All, What tools are people using to break PST passwords?  I have over 5000 PST's to import and with many of them having PST passwords, I am not looking forward to the process of having to crack each one. What tools are people using that actuall...

Minke by Level 4
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Resolved! I need to restore a user's vault.

I have a user that deleted his entire vault store (mailbox), and I need to restore it from December's tape.  What is the best method in doing this? Thanks! -John

Folder Level Retention Category Report

We have several retention categories which were hidden a long time ago so they couldn't be used for manual archiving. I ran a SQL query to see how many archived items we had which still had those retention categories and the numbers are much higher...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Problem with OWA and Outlook

Hi   I have done installation of Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4. For testing purposes I was configure archiving for just 3 mailboxes. Then I was install OWA add on but when I logon with one of testing account to OWA I do not see archiving tabs. E...

Nick007 by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 8 SP1 upgrade to SP3 fails(single server)

Hi all .. When we try to install EV8 SP3 we got errors and the installation process ends.. ERRORS -Unable to verify Domino server but there is no Domino server installed(checked in reg.) -Missing Sharepount inst. but there is no Sharepoint installed(...

BoTho by Level 5
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