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Shortcut deletion and pending items

Hello, I was wondering if there are any circumstances when items that are pending archive would be deleted by the shortcut deletion tasks (either age based or orphaned.) I don't think this is the case, and I will test this in my lab today, but I was...

rnt123 by Level 5
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Resolved! Automation of the restore from vault, is their a way

The vault cache seems to worked too well and archived all the emails older than 2 weeks and not 6 months, I have checked to see and the default for the vault cache is 2 weeks, probably an over site by me on that one thinking it was defaulted to 6 mon...

burtos by Level 5
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Change IP of FSA target

Hi, Running EV2007 SP6. We are moving a Windows file server to another building which means we need to change its IP address. It's a target for FSA. Is there anything special we need to do from an EV side of things? Thanks.

Sortid by Level 6
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MSCS with FSA Migration from 32 bit to x64

Hi All, We currently have a Windows 2003 32 bit Active/Active cluster (mscs) with FSA 2007 SP4.  FSA is installed in the cluster as a resource, and it's archiving points have been configured using the virtual server names.  We're planning on upgrad...

Kevin-K by Not applicable
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Resolved! Journal Task generates 2776 and 3139 Errors

When I perform a DTrace, the only information I find is this (Attached is the full DTrace): 177 13:54:58.217 [2556] (JournalTask) <4500> EV:M CMAPISession::CMS() - Get PR_MAILBOX_OWNER_ENTRYID 178 13:54:58.217 [2556] (JournalTask) <4500> EV:M CMAP...

Scott_Riser by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! TMG 2010 for EV access via OWA

Is there any documentation available on how to configure TMG 2010 for EV access via OWA? including procedures to make archive explorer and web search tool to work via OWA. Thanks in advance.. Thanks Rajesh

Upgrade of Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

Hello, I have enterprise vault version 2007 used to archive e-mails from exchange 2003 server running on windows 2003. Now, I have to upgrade my exchange server 2003 to exchange 2010 on windows 2008 R2 on a new server with a new name. Once, I esta...

Ryan_H_ by Level 4
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Resolved! Virtual Vault/Vault Cache crashes Outlook

Hi, we recently updated to SP4 for EV v8.0. I now have the task to test the Virtual Vault feature. My Workstation has Windows 7, Outlook 2007 and ofc the recent EV Client. First, Virtual Vault did run fine. I then started to test with the Offline ...

vmds by Level 5
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hi, i need to know what it is The following products. Especially, SYMC ENTERPRISE VAULT JOURNALING  and SYMC ENTERPRISE VAULT E-DISCOVERY I need to learn quickly :) Waiting for your help. SYMC ENTERPRISE VAULT STORAGE MANAGEMENT ADVANCED EDITION FO...

gyildiz by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise vault OWA

Having issues with some users as EV icons do not appear in OWA.  Once an archived email is open - it does not open and shows @65. Most of the users - it is working fine. For all the users - EV works fine from Outlook. regards Bilal

bahmed by Level 2
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Resolved! VBA retrieving email from Enterprise Vault

Hello, We've recently implemented Enterprise Vault and I'm updating several automated Outlook VB tools to work with EV. One of the tools automatically prints emails from Outlook for a corporate file. I have the EV API and what I'd like to know is wh...

JenM27 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Archive Task 8302

Running 8.0 SP4 and I'm seeing this error.  What storage is it referring to ?  For more information, see Help and Support Center at Event Type: Error Event Source: Enterprise Vault Event Categor...

Siraj by Level 3
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Resolved! DefaultVaultId

Hi, I've been having a few problems enabling users and have been deleting duplicate entries for mailboxes in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database. Whilst I was there I thought I'd see how many entires I've got wit...

File Archive Hard Delete Restore

I'm a little confused about backups/ restore in general... but primary my question is as follow: We use EV on our File Servers, we are archiving to back-end NAS, we perform backups on the NAS using NDMP, this is where all Vault Stores are configured....

Resolved! Enable OSIS

Hi, Recently I have upgraded my Enterprise Vault 7.5 to EV 8.3. After the upgrade I haven’t run the sharing configuration. Now I want to enable the OSIS for the all Vault Store group. I have also checked that finger database is not yet created in the...

Resolved! Not opening archived emails for outlook anywhere users

Hello i have 2 queries 1) We have notice that none of the outlook anywhere users are not able to open archived emails. Do we need to do any configuration to make this happen? 2) we want to disable EV for one of the top mnagement user. If i use dis...

akther by Level 4
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