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Import of PST results in less stubs than items

Hi all,I just imported an PST using the PST Migration Wizzard, and ticked "Yes, create shortcuts in associated mailboxes". Import runs fine, all 17,811 items were imported into the archive, but only 14,812 shortcuts were pushed into user's Exchange m...

Enterprise Vault Index location movement

Dear Experts,we have two drives hosting indes volumes for users , one of these dives need to be removed and we need to move all volumes at this drive to the other drive , can you please help me with this.Thanks all in advance 

awseisa by Level 2
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Newly added folders in FSA are not archiving

FSA configured in our envornment we have added 8 to 10 share for archving and archving working fine for that share & foldersBut since last 2 months when we tried to add new folders or share for archving thats folders are unable to archving. Below are...

Resolved! Some email items are not archived

Hi,We're just enabling Enterprise Vault in our network as is in testing phase. I noticed some email items of few users are not being archived. Following are the points observed and actions taken.Flagged mails are not archived. When searched in KB, it...

EV 12 RBA permissions

Does the Exchange administrator role allow it's members to grant permissions on individual archives?I don't want to grant Power administrator permissions..just need to allow the user to be able to set permissions on an archive. Can that be done with ...

Upgrade EV 11.0.1 to EV 12 by using Migration Wizard

I need to upgrade my ev system from ev11/w2008 to ev12/w2012 (a new hardware) .  Veritas tech support instructed me to use Ev11 to Ev12 migration wizard to complete this migration.  The traditional way is to MIGRATE ev11/w2008 to ev11/2012 first, the...

Enterprise Vault Outlook addin options

Hello, Can anyone explain me in a few sentences, usage scenarios and ideas that PM's/engineers from Symantec had in mind when developing Enterprise Vault Office Mail App. Is it a supplement to full blown Outlook add-in, is it meant as a long term rep...

EV 12.1 Classification

hi,i am setting EV classification to EV server newly.i start test classification plan ,it runs succesfully.But i want to see real effect and working princible of classification of EV in 1 test user outllok, EV search screen.I need some answers.1- EV ...

K_G by Level 6
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Cannot force vault mailbox

I'm stumped over a mailbox vault again.  I have a user that somehow got a 120 GB mailbox.  I have to get it vaulted.  I've tried to force vault it many times and nothing.  Their vault store is empty.  I've disabled/re-enabled them for vault.  I disab...

File System Analyzer

Hello,Could someone please attach the Enterprise Vault file system analyzer here?Also, does the latest version support Windows 2016 and SQL 2014/2016 and Exchange 2016?Thanks,

Qual by Level 2
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Number of EV servers that can be installed...

HelloI would like to know if there is any limitation on the number of servers with Enterprise Vault that can be installed in an organization. I do not know if at licensing level the only thing to keep in mind is the number of mailboxes/TB to be archi...

Script to create vault store partition and indexes....

Hi,In our environment we have almost 50+ EV servers and we facing issue when backup running almost 40+ Hrs in 3rd week.We are following the best practices to close the vault store & Index partitions almost in second week so we control the backup wind...

EV 11.0.1 using SMTP - Custom Filter Rules

Hi ! (sorry for my english, i'm french speaking)i'm new with EV 11.0.1 and I need to implement SMTP.  Actually we are using Exchange, this server drop the mails to another server called "B" and EV grab the mails from this server "B".  We want remove ...

SearchFolderManager and error 8004011d

Hi, I am currently at a customer and he got a lot of processing errors.In cause, some mailboxe get folders with more than 40K items (some have 100K+). I then tried to run the searchfoldermanger on one mailbox to test but no can do. I get that error P...

The_Boulon by Level 5
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FYI 12.0.3 available

Hello all,Just noticed release 12.0.3 is available.See for more information

GertjanA by Moderator
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