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Outlook Add-in Enterprise Vault 8.0 error....

Hi Everyone, When click on store in vault icon an outlook add-in button getting this error message in below and find attachment also....... Enterprise Vault 8.0  An Error occured when processing the selected items Error Description  0*80070005 :...

How to Rebuilt Indexes with the backup

Hi Friends, I Have one issue in Enterprise vault . Here we are using EV for exchange journaling. So some index got deleted by mistake. If i am not wrong this is ev fuctionality to start Rebuilt those index which got deleted. But it is not showing any...

Resolved! Archived mails are not removed from mailbox

Hi all I am testing Enterprise Vault 8.0 with Exchange Server 2007, and it seems to work, but archived items are not replaced with the shortcut. If I open an archived item, there is a header which tells me that the object is going to be archived, an...

Resolved! KVS Enterprise Vault

Hi Environment: KVS Enterprise Vault using on 2007 exchange server, client Outlook 2003. Client PC win Xp pro, service pack 3 with all updates. Problem:         Problem accessing archived email, Outlook keep freezing I don know if it has anything...

saanjh by Level 2
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Resolved! EV 8.0 changed the way it handles calendar item deletion

We were at EV 7.5 SP4 and recently upgraded to EV 8.0 SP2. We have been doing Calendar archiving since we first started using the product.  In the earlier release, calendar items would be archived but would not be changed into shortcuts and were not...

MoJoe by Level 4
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Resolved! archiving not getting attachments

I've setup an mailbox policy and archived my initial batch of emails. The archived email appear  in the original location in the mailbox, with a grey banner at the top of the email that states that the email has been archived and not to move,copy or...

using different domain and Forest.

hi, EV 2007 or EV 8.0 does have any capability for mailbox archiving and journal archiving for more than 1 domain/forest in same environment (evserver)? Do you have any expirience for this issue ,also you can share your TN,documents related with this...

K_G by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Problem with opening archived messages

Hi we have a problem with opening archived messages and recieve a error :- 20:26:22.596[5368]: CShortcutItem::Display...Return Last Failed error: 0x80004005 This problem is affecting all klients on the klient network, the strange thing is that it d...

craigg by Not applicable
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Resolved! Destination Archive need to specify manually

Hi, How can the PST Destination archive automatically appear instead of selecting each vault store and browse to the user destination archive? I'm not refering to the associated mailbox. I'm refering to the one on Destination archive for PST Mig...

Yobo by Level 5
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Resolved! error on provisioning task

Hi, I kept getting the following on the event viewer The Exchange mailbox provisioning task found enabled mailboxes that are not part of a provisioning group. These mailboxes cannot be archived. If you do not want these mailboxes to be archived, ...

Yobo by Level 5
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Resolved! Download format - error opening vaulted emails.

Hi All, Enterprise Vault 8 SP1, Outlook 2007 SP2. I am having an issue with a user opening items from their vault via search vault. We do disable PST files so I was thinking it was being downloaded as a DVS to a temporary PST file. When I check the...

philt by Level 5
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Attention DA Upgrade Issue

Anyone with DA 2007 SP6 there is an issue upgrading to DA 8.0 SP2. If you try this as a direct upgrade it will fail and damage the tbl.role tabel in the customer databases To perform this upgrade you will need to go to DA 8.0 SP1 first then upgrade...

Liam_Finn1 by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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open FSA items via search, ev explorer but not stub

A few users have mentioned that they cannot open up documents via double-clicking on stubs.  I have confimed this with many .txt, .doc and .pdf documents.  However, I am able to find the documents in the exact location using search, and I am able to ...

HBalikian by Level 2
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PST Locator not finding all PSTs

Hi Everyone, I seem to have a weird issue with the PST Locator task. During all my testing PST locator seemed to be working fine. I started to roll it out to myself and some colleagues. I am running the PST locator task daily and only performing a r...

Enterprise Vault Archive Location Move

Our NAS administrator is moving volumes from one set of disks to another. He's copying all of a directory from one array to another with robocopy and then mounting the new array as the existing share. If those volumes are vaulted, are there any prec...

MBaran5 by Level 3
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Resolved! CA Search Criteria

Is there a way to search for emails that contain three hotwords that are not part of phrase but all three words are in the message? For example, if I want to search for emails that only contain the three words "paint" "shoe" and "cup". If the messag...