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Resolved! Export Disabled Mailbox Archive to PST

Is there any way to export an archive that belongs to a disabled mailbox? The situation is a user was previously with the company and has now rejoined. They have a new archive but want the previous archive data merged into the new archive.Export from...

Elio_C by Level 6
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EV SQL question

I have need to modify the archived or modified date (either one) in SQL for expiry.  I recently went through a data migration that essentially re-archived all my data.  Now I need to reset ModifiedDate or the ArchivedDate field back to the original d...

WiTSend by Level 6
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External OWA connecting with EV using Big-IP F5

I’m looking for solution on how external OWA can connect with EV using F5. I have a customer who is retiring their TMG solution and replacing it with Big-IP F5. I don’t see this gateway in the latest Compatibility Guide… but I’m still looking for inp...

katimmons by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Browser Support for OWA Restore Item

We're currently using EV 10.0.4 with Exchange 2010 SP3.I understand that the only fully compatible browser for the EV Restore Item function in OWA is IE (or IE in compatibility mode).I also understand that EV11 and EV12 adds Enterpise Vault Search wh...

Sam_T by Level 3
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Resolved! Archiving old content into journal archive.

Hello,Is there a way to have EV pull in old content from user's mailboxes into the journal archive? I assume that this is not possible without provisioning the user's mailboxes so that EV is aware of them. I guess as an alternative, would it be feasi...

rnt123 by Level 5
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Enterprise Vault error in Outlook 2013

Hello,on operating system Windows 7 SP1 64 bit Enterprise is installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus Outlook 2013 32bit.Additionaly is installed "Symantec Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In" (version 10.0.17738).In Outlook was exist (bu...

misa15 by Level 2
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Upgrade EV 32bit Indexes after EV 9 upgrade

HiHaving upgraded from EV9.0.5 to EV10.0.4 I now have the opportuntity to upgrade the indexes to 64bit. However this is a tiem consuming process that I don't want to start now.I want to upgrade to EV11 before upgrading the indexes - am I able to do t...

CadenL by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Resolved! EV 11.0.1 to EV 12 Migration

Hi,I have an EV 11.0.1 that has been upgraded a couple times before.The environment seems unstable, and some registry changes were made but no one knows which ones...There is also another company that is doing 1st level support and has access to the ...

CConsult by Moderator
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how permanently delete deleted items from vault

Hi All,I need my delete items to be permenent delete from my VAULT DELETE ITEM folder.i was abale to delete the deleted items from delete items folder but when i sync its again coming to delete item folder.kindly help me on this.

Danu by Level 0
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Prevent "other" Exchange permissions to be synced to archive

Hello Folks,We have a client that wants to be able to switch off the permission-synchronization from Exchange.So if user B has permissions on user As mailbox, the user B should NOT automatically get permissions on user As archive.We were testing with...

HolgerMu by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Closed Partition Recovery

Hello,Is there anyway to restore a closed partition which hasnt been backed up, however was being backed up earlier as open partition?Thank you.

EV Replication to DR site

We want to replicate EV data between a production EV server and an EV server at a DR site. Can DFS-R be used for this? What are the other options?Just wondered if others are doing this and what methods/products they are using to replicate?

Resolved! running upgrade scripts manually

Hello all,Planning an upgrade of EV9.0.4 to EV10.04 to EV11.0.1CHF5There is doubt about the health of the EV9 databases. Due to this being a large environment, I would like to run a test upgrade on a copy of the production databases first, from 9.0.4...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Newbie question on setup of EV 11

Hi all,I'm currently setting up an EV environment and there are a few things that illude me (completely) because I'm a bit rusted when it comes to getting all the tick boxes checked.One thing is the page display of the IMAP monitor and the Personal S...

VaultInterest Table

I have several archives that have entries in the VaultInterest table that are associated with a ConsumerName (DA Customer) that has been deleted. It's not just the DA case that has been deleted, but the entire customer. I'm not really familiar with h...

JYezzi by Level 3
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Resolved! EV download V 11

hi is there any why to download EV 11 without Serial number and fileconnect.thank you

ALMARID by Level 2
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