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Search results for distribution list as recipient

Good Morning, We have two locations and two vaults per location created in EVault. Each location has their own exchange server. We are currently running into an issue, where when we search a specific internal email list (distribution list) as 'Recip...

Duplicate items after restore to original mailbox

Hey guys, one of our customers will discontinue our services, so we want to export their archives to their original mailboxes. So I started test exports for roughly 8 users. The process correctly places the orgininal items in the correct subfolde...

woelki by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault Podcast

Yes - that's right....a Podcast about Enterprise Vault. Perhaps it's surprising we've not thought do do these before but this is hopefully the first of many. It's a nice bite size way to consume information on the go, yes you can now listen and lear...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
Employee Accredited
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Resolved! Restore items to empty outlook forlder

Hi, I'm still new to EV and just came across a situation. User have created an empty folder in Outlook and wanted to restore a message(s) into the folder from EV Search, but folder doesn't show up in Choose Filder list. Does the outlook folder only s...

yxm by Level 4
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Migrating Data Including EV Placeholders

Hi, I could do with some guidance on a file server migration project. Scenario is moving company data from an old file server ( Windows 2008 r2) to new file server ( Windows 2012) - this new server will not be able to use hostname of the old server....

Using Ceph as storage destination?

Hi All:     Has anyone using Ceph as storage destination?     According to     "Applications that use file systems can use Ceph FS with POSIX semantics and support CIFS"     Seems it is theoritically plausible, but has any one used it be...

John_Q by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Migrate to Exchange 2016 - Coexist EV 10 - CAS redirect

Hi all, As part of a supplier switch (outsourcing)... I have a situation in which we will migrate from Ex2010 to Ex2016. Parallel to this we will move from one EV 10 environment to a new EV 11 platform (separate EV directory). Exchange 2016 will be...

Resolved! Missed database upgrade from EV9 to EV11

Hey guys, first of all... I have done something really stupid. But you can guess that from the subject. We have an old EV9 instance with only one server. The Exchange mailboxes already have been migrated, due to cost reasons the archive have not ...

woelki by Level 4
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SQL Qeury to find what should be expiring

Hello all, EV11.0.1 CHF3 (soon to be CHF5), SQL2012, Windows 2012R2 I am looking for a query which can show how many items in a journal archive are older than X years. I am asked to provide an overview what is expected to be expired if and when ex...

GertjanA by Level 6
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Resolved! EV11 and Exchange servers in DAG - EV system mailbox

I have an existing EV11 installation with a 4-server Exchange 2013 DAG. We have expanded the DAG to 8-servers and I'm in the process of setting up EV archiving to the new servers.  Do I need to set-up a "local" database to hold the EV-system-mailbox ...

alfredmjNZ by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Enterprise Vault 11 search from Microsoft Access

Hi everybody, we are using a self programmed Access Tool for Ticket Process. For this, im also gathering the inbox of a support Mailbox to create tickets out of them. Now i want to search within the Vault of this support Mailbox (Enterprise Vault ...

klatscher by Not applicable
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EV Client with Mac OSX Yosemite

We have EV Client plugin installed with Outlook for Mac 2016 on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5. Software versions: EV Client: for Mac 2016: 15.17 (151206) Plugin installed succesfully.  However when I scroll to an archive emails and c...

fdehinbo by Not applicable
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SQL Query for Journal Archive Data Storage

I need to find out how much data I have in my Journal Archives in the last 5 years.  Is there a SQL Query I can run against each Journal Database to find out this info?  I found this script below which tells me the same for anything older than 3 year...

EVBrad by Level 1
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Archive Explorer script error

Hi We have an issue with a couple of users: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Enterprise Vault Client Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 14.0.6029.1000 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.11.9600.18314 (IE11) On ope...