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Converting EV to SSL- common name query

Dear All, We would like to convert to SSL.  (Port 80 to 443) We have 3 EV servers includes –dedicated for Journal archiving 3 EV servers – Mailbox archiving and File system archiving 1 Server –SQL There are 7 service group in VCS, Enterprise vau...

mayu by Level 4
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Enterpise Vault Certificate

Hi All,  I am new in this of EV, currently we have an EV 9.0 running in windows server 2008 R2, I saw that every time that I need to connect to the EV using the Outlook add-in I need to accept a certificate to connect to the server and this allow th...

EV 11.0.1 CHF4 FSA migration

Hi I have already opened a case with Veritas for this, but they're slow to respond (4days and still waiting) so I write in the forums too.   I used these articles as a reference for migrating placeholders from w2008 to the new w2012r2 file server:...

sgiunchi by Not applicable
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EV File Archiving for two volumes

Hi If I want to set up EV FSA for two large volumes but I want them both to be processed in parallel, do I simply need to create two FSA archiving tasks, configure two identical archiving policies for each task and the point one volume to one policy...

CadenL by Moderator
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Capturing Metadata from Vault DVS file

Dear All - I'd like to capture meta data for all of the messages in our enterprise vault implementation - we'd like to run some basic analytics on historic communications.  We are currently using version 10 of vault.  I'm interested to capture the fo...

maaser by Not applicable
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Export to PST fails with Event IDs 6794 and 6769

Hi, Working on EV 10.0.4 in a clustered environment. Trying to Export a user's archive to a PST. There are about 8000+ items. In the first attempt was able to export only 778 items. Now out of 7000+ items the wizard shows the export of 80 and then ...

Resolved! EV 11.0.1 Failed PST migration options

Hi I've a number of PST files that have failed to migrate using EV server based migration - this were mainly down to mailbox quota issues which have now been rectified and so I need to try again. Currently the PSTs show as 'migration failed' in the...

CadenL by Moderator
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FSAUTILITY for bulk restore appears to be stuck

Hi Team, I am in a process to bulk restore data. We are running EV 11.0.1 Used FSAutility -t -s and i am targeting it to a share. I was able to restore a number of folders. However on one folder(huge in size at around 4 TB) it appears FSAUTILITY i...

ASG_IT1 by Level 3
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Resolved! Restore emails from primary mailbox on vdi

Enterprise Vault Strange issue, staff with archives cant restore any of there own emails on our vdi infastructure. The vdi's are all windows 7 and are using online mode for email on outlook 2010. If a member of staff has a secondary mailb...

Resolved! OWA: Integration of exchange 2013 cas into exchange 2010 environment

Hello together, I hope someone of you already had this situation and is able to answer my questions. Which steps are necessary to get a working OWA integration of ev in an environment with the coexistence of exchange 2010 (mbx) and 2013 (cas).  Ou...

Marcde by Moderator
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EV migration from EV10.4 to EV12 in different site.

Hi all, I'm doing some research around an EV migration from EV10.4+Exchange2007 to EV12+Exchange2013 in a different site. My understanding of the process at this point for migrating mailboxes is: 1. Disable EV10.4 archiving on the source Exchange0...

_Ben_ by Level 3
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Exchange Mailbox Analyzer Error

Hello guys, I'm having errors running the Exchange Mailbox Analyzer tool version 3.1 The tool starts well, analyzing the mailboxes, but it crashes after a few mailboxes being analyzed. Bellow is the error. What can this be? Any idea? Need help! ...

njseq by Level 3
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Release of user licenses

Hello all. As we found out we have 6500 licenses for SYMC ENTERPRISE VAULT STORAGE MANAGEMENT FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGE 10.0 WIN. As per Vault Store Usage Report now we have about 6200 active archives. Is it correct that now we have about 300 free lice...

Resolved! EV11 SMTP archiving from O365

Has anyone configured SMTP journal archiving from an O365 source?  We're having problems with getting TLS to work and it's required since we're moving data across the internet. Documentation is spotty and support has not been able to figure out why ...

WiTSend by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault Expired Mail Items Curiosity

Our site properties base expiry on Modified Date. Our site retention policy is 7 years If i view a users archive through archive explorer, the oldest item in the vault is from march 2009 (we archive after 15 days), so all seems well. However in th...

wibski by Level 2
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Mailboxes won't archive as all item are ineligible

Hello I have an issue which is a bit odd. i have a 90 day archive policy and a 90 day with 90days of short cuts policy that both work prefectly however. we need to clear down some users to 60 days and some disabled users to 1 day and removal of all...