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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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When attempting to add a new entry in the new recipient template attached to one of my phone books the name and company enters with no problem but when I attempt to enter the phone number in the lower part of the template as soon as I tab down or cli...

How to block Babylon, 7Pic and Sweetimm

I am having a real struggle in stopping Babylon, 7Picuploader and some other crap called Trust (sweetimm) ending up on my XP based desktop. Sweetimm is interesting, it blows kisses at me! I have the latest version of Norton Interenet Security and am ...

Odin22 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Number of Licenses needed for SEP 11

Hi, just like to clarify the amount of licenses i need to deploy on my systems. Am i right to say that the number of licenses needed is dependent on the number of systems i have. Assuming if  i have 10 systems, i'll be needing 10 licenses. How about ...

unusably slow

Don't know if I just dont know how to search these forums but I looked and couldnt find any articles to help so sorry if its been asked before but how do I speed the use of this product up both are using cable modems xp is the host and win7 on the re...

Resolved! Approved Application

I am looking to have Norton have our software as an approved software, so our users aren't blocked on install?  What process do I need to go through?   Jeff

Remote Control Support

Yesterday I went to Nathan what a Joke, I got Live chat The Analyst wanted to take remote control of my computer , Being I had already spent Hrs tring to trouble shoot the problem of the Norton Registry Cleaner Not working Error Code 2146959355, I ha...

mechbob by Not applicable
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I have a rebate question(s)

I'm sorry, that it has to come to this. I've tried calling several phone numbers, can not reach a live human, there's not even a promt/option to talk to a live human, Tried the "Ask jerrod" or jason or whatever that customer support thingy is...NO HE...

Journey by Level 2
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How get trial soft?

  Where I may get trial version of Symantec Mail Security for Domino. If I try download from Trialware I get 500 error.   P.S. Srt for my bad English.  

Alex_F_ by Not applicable
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Norton 360 5.0 question

Recently installed Norton 360. 5.0 put a 'secure search' toolbar on my internet homepage. (It also put an add-on in my Outlook that had a conflict and the Microsoft program prompted that it needed to be disabled.) I was going to close this toolbar/ad...

buckeyecj by Not applicable
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Norton security suite

After installing the Comcast version 4 the Scanning has been working for almost overnight. I has used the Norton Removal Tool for that purpose and reinstall again the Suite, but get stock on the "Scanning" procedure for hours and hours. What should I...

jorramz by Not applicable
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DNS Down

Testing SEP version 12.1.399.4350 on a VMware workstation using Server 2008 R2 with XP clients and functioning fine. Downloaded the upgrade 12.1.601.4699 and attempted installation, three times I tried and DNS failed every time, error id: 4015. Is an...

Fedora by Level 2
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network access denied

I have a Windows work network with XP (32 bit) and Win 7 (64 bit) computers with Norton 360 on each computer. One of the Win 7 (64 bit) computers is serving as host for files and folders. The other computers are being blocked from access to the host....

My product is wrongfully labeled as a threat by Norton.

Hi, My product is wrongfully labeled as a threat by Norton and a .dll file is deleted by Norton and thus the product does not function correct. It is the 'File Insight service that warns about this. See image below. I would like to know how my compan...

Resolved! Procomm Plus

We utilize Procomm plus for dialing up to phone systems.  Is there Procomm Plus software available for Win7  and MS2008 server?  If not, do you have a reccomendation for immulating software that is compatiable with Win7 and MS2008 server? Steve Dunni...

sdunning by Not applicable
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LUA 2.3 questions

We have LUA on our 2008 Enterprise server and when we tried to update our JRE to 6.23 a few months ago and we were getting LUA Apache Tomcat failures. So my question is, will we be able to upgrade to LUA 2.3 and JRE 6.24 without this error or...

actualizacion de definiciones

Hola, queria porfavor saber cada cuanto tiempo symantec despliega las actualizaciones con definiciones  para antivirus, especificamente para el SEP 11.   muchas gracias por su ayuda!

Registry Error code #2146959355

Ok loaded Windows 7 Professional. Registry cleanup was working fine. Load a program, and I didn't like it. So....I removed it from within the control panel, programs. Did a "system restore" and now the registry cleanup program will not work. I...

astst1 by Not applicable
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