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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Cannot install norton systemworks?

i uninstalled norton systemworks because of a fault,i now want to reinstall it,but i get,failed with error code 12,and then,failed to register file types,then error1722 problem withinstaller package, any ideas what is causing this.

How to open URLs from report column in a new window

Hello,   Could someone help me to create drill down on report to be able to open URLs which are result of following SQL code:   DECLARE @v1_Package_ID uniqueidentifier SET @v1_Package_ID = '%Package_ID%' SELECT p1.URL, s2.Name FROM SWDPack...

paretologic freezes a laptop, need way to uninstall it

paretologic appeared on my laptop. since I use avg I had no reason to install it. I know it's this product because upon biting the laptop and logging in, paretologic screen appears saying to complete registration, I need to configure my wireless acce...

Resolved! Symantect Renewal and Firefox

Today I renewed my NIS 2013 and it updated to NIS 2014. I'm running Firefox v27.0 and after the update my access to Norton on the toolbar disappeared. Has anyone experienced this problem or am I the first? I've gone through every option in Firefox an...

Resolved! PCAnywhere 12.5

Will PCAnywhere12.5 work with Windows8.1 64bit operating system  

3_RS by Not applicable
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Resolved! Server 2012 Question

Just a few questions regarding backing up Server 2012 OS. Symantec System Recovery 2011 cannot backup Server 2012 OS? I need to upgrade to SSR 2013? Also, Backup exec 2010 R3 needs SP3 installed for it to back up Server 2012 OS? Thanks.

GLeung by Not applicable
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Resolved! SAP information !

Hello,   I am new of new this forum, someone give details about SAP FICO..  

jonesbs by Not applicable
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Unable to set trust level to Implicit for version 10.3.1

We were on PGP desktop version 9.8, windows XP. Then we just upgraded to Windows 7 and PGP version 10.3.1.   I was unable to import my old private key that my coworker and I shared and was unable mark it private so I just created a new key in v10.3.1...

Bmares by Not applicable
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Symantec Protection 6.0 for SharePoint Servers

I have Symantec Protection 6.0 for SharePoint Servers installed on Windows Server 2008/SharePoint Server 2010. FarmOverview page displays information about SharePoint Server 2010 version. SP server version is incorrect. Where Symantec gets the SP ver...

_Lana by Not applicable
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Resolved! How to Convert Outlook to Lotus Notes

I have using MS Outlook 2010 for a long time but now I want to use IBM Lotus Notes. At current situation I don't know how to convert Outlook data into Lotus Notes without losing a single file. If anybody know about any easy and secure solution for th...

Ghost suite trails - Mail received with No attachment

I downloaded Symantec Ghost Solution Suite for trial and I have received a auto mail which should included with zip file containing slf file. But I have received the mail without any zip file. I need slf file to activate it for evaluation.  

Resolved! IBM ts2900 Autoloader not working sequentialy

Hi, I am experiencing a problem with autoloader IBM ts2900, when perfoming inventory from backup exec it change the slots order. I tried to configure the logical library mode of the autoloader to sequential with loop and autoload enalbed, after that ...

Tfaraj by Level 4
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