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How can Netbackup Appliance can help in migrating backup from one site to another.

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Hi Team,

We are migrating backup from one site to another, I want to explore Netbackup Appliance as option.

Could you help me to explore.





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With Appliance at each site, they can both be set up as Master servers.

You can replicate backups to remote site using the Automated Image Replication (AIR) feature in NBU.

The backup image along with catalog info is replicated to remote master. An Import job on the remote master will import the catalog info.

Please see the FAQ for more info:

5220 Data sheet:

Hope this helps.


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Marianne, Thanks for reply, 

Let me give more details about my environment.

In my target site: I have Netbackup master server running RHEL6.2 on with 8 media server7.5.0.x (RHEL, Solaris, Windows)

In my Source site :- I don't have any infra, even currenty we have HPDP running there.


Now I need to migrate the server from source to target, I am not concern about old backup,. just my concern area is to have restore point for me in case server doesn't come up.


Now lets try to fit appliance in our solution.




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The quickest option, in order to leave your NetBackup installation almost as it is - is to start doing backups to de-dupe disk (MSDP) on your NetBackup Site.

You add appliance(s) to your other site (which also used MSDP) and you would then be able to use AIR to replicate cross site.

This gives a NetBackup Master at both sites and the capability to use AIR in both directions so all data for both sites can exist on both sites and by having two Master Servers both would be immediately ready to start restoring data from either site.

As an appliance can be a Master Server as well as a media server then apart from adding MSDP to the existing site the appliances would be everything you need at the other site

Hope this helps