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Veritas Appliance 5330 configured as HA - backup nic configuration question

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Hi, I have a bit of an issue to resolve.

We are currently converting/migrating our 5330 Appliance to a 5330 HA setup.
On the existing node we have a backup bond setup for a few clients to run their backup on dedicated VLAN.
When configuring HA our existing 5330 node will have its primary IP and host name migrated to an virtual resource, and the physical node get a new IP and hostname. Then the second node will be added.

Just to clearify by example:
Origianl mediaserver node name mediaserver01, primary IP and backup IP
After HA configuration: Virtual "node" name mediaserver01, IP
Node 1 (old mediaserver01), name mediaserver01_A, IP and backup IP
Node 2 (Nde HA node), name mediaserver01_B, IP

Now to the question and or issue if you like :)
If something happes to node 1 the backup IP will no longer be accessable.
How can I resolve the issue so the clients using backup IP on node 1 continues to backup but then via Node 2 and a backup IP. If I have understood it correctly, the backup IP will not be virtualized in HA configuration as you would to with a "normal" InfoScal Cluster.

How can i make sure that my backup will continue to run on Node 2 if Node 1 fails, and resume backup via Node 1 when that node 1 is backup up or node 2 failes.


Level 4
Partner Accredited


I can see by the lack of responce to this that it is an unusual situation.
What I can say is that to do what I want to achive a support exeption must be raised and approved by Veritas support.
Now I'm nowhere closes to the solution yet.