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Scavenging frequency


We're running NetBackup Puredisk and every 12 hours there is a lot of activity on the database disk which uses almost 25% of the disk. Is there a way to change the frequency or is there some other method available to decrease the disk usage?


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Your PureDisk environment is

Your PureDisk environment is probable running content router queue processing (CRQP).  This is a necessary maintenance, that should not be altered or disabled.

This might help for more information about CRQP:


A good thing to do would be

A good thing to do would be moving CR Queue Processing out of the middle of the backup window (backups have degraded performance if running in parallel with CR QP). By default it is set to 12:00 and 24:00. 18:00 and 08:00 work much better for me on classic PureDisks. It may not be changeable on Appliances.