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PureDisk, tape and backup strategy

Hello,   Netbackup permit to realize the following backup strategy : Weekly full backup done on tapeIncremental backup done on a dedup pool   I have several questions about this : Does Netbackup can find modified files between full backup on tape and...

Puredisk 6.5 Error DR backup of Storage/data of the CR

To Puredisk Experts/Guru out there. Any help how to resolve this issue I encountered during a DR backup? It always stops on the CR (content router) part of the backup.2013-Feb-27 17:20:33 PHT] *** Start: DRBackupCRData ***[2013-Feb-27 17:20:33 PHT] ...

Resolved! SLP duplication jobs

Hello. Had a server where the duplication jobs (per the SLP) were not finishing or erroring out. I have a ticket open for this, but I generally have better luck / faster responses with the forums - After cancelling out these 'hung' jobs, I restarted ...

Obtaining protected data size with PureDisk

I have a PureDisk environment running, without a central SPA, and need to be able to obtain the front-end protected size of the data that I am backing up. If I had a SPA with central reporting enabled, then I could run teh Enterprise License ...

IanF_2 by Level 2
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Puredisk issue - no scheduled backup job are running

Hello all,   I met a reccurent issue with PureDisk architecture version 6.6.3a : no scheduled backup job are running détails of differents logs :   slapd.log : Jan 29 11:17:35 nbupd-som slapd[6118]: connection_read(18): no connection! Jan 29 11:25:30...

FloAA by Level 1
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Resolved! backups jobs always getting cache hits: 0 (0.0%)

Hi there, I am experiencing this problem with all backup jobs, no matter if they are using server deduplication or client-side deduplication Dedup seems ok with very good ratios but cache hits is always 0. Here you are an example: 01/17/...

Resolved! MSDO & PureDisk

Hello everybody!!   Do you know what is exactly the difference between MSDO and PDDO? I read that in the future PureDisk won't be supported by Symantec and some articles about how to migrate PDDO to MSDO... I have this doubt because I was working wit...

Di_Ro by Level 4
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PureDisk cause to netbackup`s 48 error

  Hello, Optimized duplications from Production Storage server to DR storage server via SLP fail with status 84, but backups to both Storage Pools complete successfully.    Job Details: 21/11/2011 14:22:51 - Critical bpdm(pid=5672) sts_copy_extent fa...

Backing up clustered servers in PureDisk 6.6.1

Guys, i have purdisk 6.6.1 PureDisk enviornment which is backing up 20 remote sites across Asia. I have a requirement to backup the clustered servers now.. i know how it works in Netbackup; you installed agent on both active and passive node and tell...

Spartacus81 by Level 6
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How to list jobs PDOS (CLI)

  Hello All.   Is there some command to list all PDOS jobs like bpdbjobs in NetBackup? I Was trying to create a similar report using the opsceter, but all clients recorded in the opscenter database has the client's name the puredisk server name.   Re...

tocals by Level 4
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Symantec Enterprise Vault archival solution ?

Hi, I'd like to know if Symantec got an appliance solution for storing enterprise vault data ? Preferably with compression or data dedupe capability. Because at the moment my EV is running out of drive letters and no more disk space can be added i...

NDMP backups started failing

I'm running NBU 7.5 on Windows server 8 R2 x64. I just got these errors on all of my NDMP backups. I have a host file for "okcnasp01-1,-7.      10/30/2012 9:59:44 AM - Info nbjm(pid=3728) starting backup job (jobid=53062) for client okcnasp01-3, poli...