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Disaster Recovery - Desgin

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Hello , 

Deploying a new DR , we'll address SLP but images need to be imported once we condcut a failover to the DR right ? all sheets like

stated catalog replication , the question is what are the steps to perfrom it ? using AIR ?  how to ?

what is the best way to get the images ready for restore at the DR , how you deploy your DR 


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Many folks use Auto Image Replication (AIR).

Your DR site would be a separate NBU domain, with it's own NBU infrastructure (master and media server(s)).   This solution provides for the lowest RTO as all that must be done is a restore job.  This assume your DR site has some avaialble physical hardware or VMware available.  With appliances (or BYO starting in 8.3), you can have Instant Access of VMs at a second site within minutes.

With AIR, both the data and the catalog are replicated.  Most folks run a local backup to a dedup pool, then AIR the data to the DR site as part of an SLP (Optimized replication).  Once the AIR job is completed, you will see the update image and catalog entries at the DR site.

Hope that helps.


My customers spend the weekends at home with family, not in the datacenter.

thank you , so by saying catalog replicatoin under the arcitiles , there is no option to replicate only the catalog to the DR ? as im using other venodr appliances and might rely on thier replicatoin for data , only i require the catalog , im expoliring my options

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With AIR, you configure the backup to your OST appliance, followed by replication to the OST appliance at the remote site. 
At the end of the replication, the catalog info about replicated backups will be imported on the remote master. 
Most 'other vendor appliances' support AIR - see the NBU HCL: 
8.2 - 8.x.x:  HTML | PDF
8.0 - 8.1.x:  HTML | PDF

So, the backup images as well as catalogs are all replicated to the remote site with no need to replicate the catalogs. 

The URL in your opening post is for replication of an entire catalog volume with supported replication technology, e.g. hardware array replication or Veritas Volume Replication. 
This section in the HA Guide is useful in a tape environment :
In full catalog replication, all parts of the catalog are replicated to the secondary master server. In full catalog replication, the tape information from the production domain, the media pool, and other assignments is retained. Backups can be run in the DR domain using the same policies and tapes that are used at the production domain. 

thank you , having that said , i'll reuqire to maintaince the same name as the name will be changed , they're running on two separte domains 

in such cases how to do that using two domains ..two names


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Yes, that is how AIR works - 2 separate NBU domains, 2 different NBU master servers with different hostnames.

Take your time and read up in NBU Admin Guide I about AIR and SLP.

Your Dedupe Appliance will also have a configuration guide for replication with NBU.

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I notice that you have also asked about AIR with DD over a year ago:

I am curious to know how you have been doing replication since then?