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No System State/Shadow Copy Components Backup

Level 3


Is there a global setting or command to make sure all win2k servers' system state/shadow copy components are backed up by ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive? We have to add Shadow Copy Components or System State directive and requests Wintel admi to run w2koption to make sure they're backed up.



Level 5

ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive should include "system state" and "Shadow Copy Components" for backups.

Are you observing "system state" and "shadow copy components" are being excluded from backups ?

Sorry for the very late response.

System state or shadow copy components shows on BAR but everything is 0 bytes.

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Wow! Only 3 months later!
Clearly no urgency to get this resolved...

Can we start at the beginning with detailed information of your environment?

Exact OS on the client(s)?
Hopefully not really Windows 2000 as support for this OS was dropped by Microsoft and Symantec/Veritas many years ago.... 

 NBU version and patch level on the client(s)?

NBU version and patch level on the master and/or media server?

Have you created bpfis and bpbkar log folders on the problematic client(s) to troubleshoot?

Have you selected 'Enable multiple data streams' in Policy attributes so that a separate stream is generated for each drive letter and System State/SCC ?
This will help to troubleshoot problems with each component/stream. 


Hello Marianne!

You are right, there's no urgency to get this resolved. I'm just wondering if there's a command we can type into the master server to backup system state. I mean, it's there but the size is 0 bytes and we get around it by running w2koption -backup -system_state 1 in each and every client. It happens to 2003 and 2008 Windows clients. Master and media servers are at 6.5.x.x.


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"You are right, there's no urgency to get this resolved."

I have unsubscribed from this discussion.


I understand. Thanks for taking the time to look into my question.

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What 6.5.x version you're at? As I remeber 6.5.7 was the last release of 6.5.x.

Do you have same problem with all Win-clients? If so, try to create test policy with Shadow Copy Components:\. as a backup selection. Create bpfis and bpbkar folders for logs, set General debug level to 2, Verbose debug level to 5 and try to run policy. After finish please share bpbkar and bpfis logs.

Mike, I was totally irresponsible for not going back to this thread until I thought I'm having the same problem with the new environment I'm currently working on. I found this article - and that answered my current problem. Sorry I could not recreate the issue I had with 6.5.x.x version but at one point during the troubleshooting, I did what you suggested and learned that the policies with shadow copy components directive indeed would not get backed up. We had to run w2koption -backup -system_state 1 in all of our windows clients to make it work. Not sure if it was the way they installed NBU clients during build.