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SLP not duplicating

Level 3


So we got a problem with our SLP doing duplications.
We are currently running Netbackup 7.6.1, one masterserver, and 3 media servers. Windows 2008 R2
We are running all duplications to tape, a dell TL4000.

We run 7 different SLP's where 2 of these duplicates to tape.
Here comes our problem, one of these two SLP jobs wont duplicate the data to tape. It just keeps putting the data in backlog.
The backupjob runs fine, but when its time for the SLP to run duplication, it nevere starts.

nbstlutil stlilist -image_incomplete -U

Image fil4.hedmark.org_1510305239 for Lifecycle DAS102-ADV-Year is IN_PROCESS
Copy to nb-media1-hcart-robot-tld-0 of type DUPLICATE is NOT_STARTED

The problem is, the backupjob is done, but it says "IN_PROCESS".
I've tried the following:
Cancled all jobs running on the SLP. Then manually run them again.
Delete the SLP and created it again.
Booted all master and media servers.

When running the duplication manually from "Catalog" it works fine.
And the other SLP runs just fine, duplicates to tape no problem.

Any ideas?


Level 6

How big are those images (in total)?

Note that in SLP, if you don't change any settting, by default it will need to accumulate up to a certain amount to start the duplication. As per, in NB7.6.x it is:


The above means all images that are pending for duplication need to accumulate up to at least 8GB for a duplication job to be started. Anything less than that it will keep waiting... until the threshold is reached.

If you're sure your images have totalled up more than 8GB, then it's time to upgrade to 7.7.x (a supported version) to see if it's working. Some old versions may still have SLP bugs.

My images are 150gb+ should I increase the MAX size?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the MAX does not play a part of starting the duplication.

It only means the max. size a single duplication job can carry, in this case it's 25GB, if you increase it to 150, that means a single job can duplicate up to 150GB. 

The only value matters is MIN, in your case it's good, so I would suggest upgrade.