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Tape Problem - Tape freezes

Level 4
Hi all,

I have a little problem with 3 tapes on my netbackup server... the thing is, the tapes look fine, it says it's available and has no images writen to it, but when the robot tries to use it, the tapes freezes and can not be used. I expire the whole tape but then again it gets frozen...

I have checked the expiration date of the tape but there was none date selected or max mounts... anyone have any deas on this matter?

Level 6
There are many things that could cause frozen tapes. Check the all log entries in the reports section of the GUI and also the "media logs" in the reports section of the GUI.

Please read this:
DOCUMENTATION: How to troubleshoot frozen media on UNIX and Windows was edited by:
Bob Stump

Level 6
This is common for locked or upside-down media.

Level 6
damn tape gimps again!



Level 4
I know it's not an actual answer that you were looking for. But I've decided on a three strikes and their out policy on tape freezes. If they fail three times, it's not worth my time to keep messing with them. They get sent back for replacement or destroyed depending on the vendor. It might be best to just move on.

Level 4
I have no idea what i have done... actually, i haven`t done anything but now the tapes dowsn`t freeze... i have no idea what happened... it works so i'm ok by now :p