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Unable to connect to selected NetBackup Host"xxxx"

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Hi Guru's

Im pretty stuck as not able to access the NBU at all,

NBU Services not visible nor running

bpps -ls:

bpps -ls.PNG

This is the initial error being projected:

nbu error.PNG

I've already checked the server and client entiries in registry

client entry in BAR

Host :master server and ip included

Services:all nbu services listed

Im quite panicked now as the server hold very critical backups


Thank you so much Guru's in advance


Level 2

All this started when the backups started to fail with error 219: Storage unit unavailable

Drives frequently going down

When we were in midst of troubleshooting

This suddenly happened

Level 6

Assume this is your Netbackup master, do you mean no services is running at all? What NBU version & patch level?

Check your license first, make sure they're still valid and not expired by:

\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpminlicense -verbose

And it looks like you're login as user 'aslsupport" to launch the NBU services, are you sure that user has that privilege?

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I am curious about this:

client entry in BAR

Please explain?
Are you saying that a Client's hostname appear as Client Name instead of the Master's hostname?

Please show us output of these commands:
bpclntcmd -self
bpgetconfig -M <master>
(Please copy the text output rather than taking a screenshot. You can the change names to something like 'Master' or Media1' or Client1', etc...)


Which NBU version is this?

Level 6

Anything obviously wrong with the server, like maybe theres a full filesystem? Or a networking issue?


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Too little info to go on to give an idea.

Is this the Master? If so what Version of NBU and what OS?

When you restart NetBackup, what processes are up (lets see bpps output), if lots of daemons are down, lets see the bprd log and the system log.

Any network issues? DNS servers down? Filesystems full?

Level 2

Dear Guru's,


Apologies on the delayed reply,

This issue was fixed after reinstalled NBU

Seems there were some corrupted registry after someone mistakenly performed an KB Patch update on the OS

I Sincerely Appreciate and Thank All of you who were whilling to assist without hestitation

Thank you Team!

Bestest Regards


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Wow! Thanks for letting us know! Even if it is 6 months later....