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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Client backup error 59

NBU Newbie here - I need assistance in figuring out why this policy keeps getting denied access. 10/28/2011 11:14:01 AM - estimated 66268838 kbytes needed 10/28/2011 11:14:03 AM - started process bpbrm (37520) 10/28/2011 11:14:04 AM - connecting 1...

Bare Metal Restore Hangs with Fusion-IO Cards

Running Netbackup BMR Version 6.5.6 on Red Hat When trying to run backups on servers that have Fusion-IO cards installed, BMR reports "Failed to import Config File" We can remove the Fusion-IO cards, or simply stopping the fusion-IO driver, and then ...

Jacko by Not applicable
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VMWare backup never retry

When a file backup abort, there is some retry according to NetBackup master server global attributes... When a VM backup abort, it is never retried ! Does somebody knows if it is a restriction - I do not find it in the documentation !

Gdd by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup cant remove device host after MSDP decommission

I have decommissioned an old MSDP server, but for some reason I cant remove the device (device host file) media server. When i try to remove it I get an error 193.     I have tried from the GUI and from the CLI [root@nbu-master ~]# nbemmcmd -deleteho...

AndersA by Level 4
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How to changing the recorded Media ID in Veritas 6.5?

Hi, Previously my LTO 4 tape (media ID - A00001) was faulty, so replaced a new LTO4 tape. Mistakenly I forgoted to label it to A00001 on time, so now the media ID was recorded as A00016. So any way for me to re-label the recorded Media ID to A00001? ...

scomatic by Not applicable
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Resolved! the backup failed to back up the requested files

Hi,   After our second installation of Oracle Server, the Oracle policy give these problems, any idea ? thanks     28 oct. 2011 10:35:10 - Info nbjm (pid=7389) starting backup job (jobid=1335) for client, policy Oracle_policy, sc...

aitallal by Level 4
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Resolved! netbackup login prompts hangs while restore

Hello everyone, i;m facing a problem here, today i started a restore and exit the netbackup. now when i tried to access netbackup again i'm unable to login cuz login prompts seems to stuck at "login in progress".... i'm using netbackup 6.5 on aix 5.3...

available_media output duplicate media_id

My server is solaris 10 with nbu below is my available_media output:   # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/available_media media   media   robot   robot   robot   side/   ret    size     status  ID     type    type      #     slot    face    ...

List of clients specified by OS and Hardware

Hi I'm trying to dump a list of specific clients to a file, I'd like to list just the windows clients or just the solaris clients -  bpplclients would appear to be the command I need but I'm having trouble selecting the OS / Hardware.   Hardware     ...

NBAC control on specific policy

Hi all,   we are planning to leverage NBAC for our netbackup domain, which consist 1 master server 7.1 (WINDOWS) which will take care of critical server backups and another media server with same configuration which will take care of remote location ...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! Cloud Storage Solutions

Has anyone used a cloud storages solutions besides Nirvanix like Amazon S3, Internap Cloud Storage, or any other vendors? If someone is using Nirvanix could you share your thoughts (performace, setup, etc...)?

fdiaz by Level 3
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NBU on Solaris Sparc VS. Solaris x86 - Solaris VS. RH Linux

Hi, Can you please share your experience or feedbackup about running NBU on Solaris Sparc VS. Solaris x86. I have always used NBU on Solaris on Sparc. Is there any key things i should know before switching to x86 (cheaper cost) platform running Solar...

VMD dying

Help, I have two media servers in a DMZ that are causing my VMD process to die on the master.   17:14:25.644 [12560] <4> process_request: client requested command=3, version=4 17:14:25.644 [12560] <4> process_request: TERMINATION requested 17:14:28...

Resolved! Documentation Needed for "robtest"

In a attempt to resolve a 204 robot inventory error, a tech note read:   "The "robtest" utility in NetBackup can be used to test or diagnose robotic communication failures. Please see the NetBackup Media Manager System Administrator's Guide for more ...

Resolved! LTO5 Drive / Media head wear alert

Bought 12 LTO5 drives in August, already replaced 3 - currently investigation points to abrasive tapes causing excessive head wear. Symptoms include excessive cleaning requests - 3 or 4 a day, write errors, frozen tapes, drives going down.   Tape dri...

Genericus by Moderator
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OS-X to Windows

Is there any way NetBackup can restore a file from a Mac to a windows box?

htirrell by Not applicable
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NBU 6.5.6 Q: Synthetic Retention and Backup Size

Greetings All,   I've scoured the forums looking for someone with a situation similar to mine, but to no avail. I'm new to NBU and am looking to move my company to 7.n and a disk to disk backup solution to get away from costly tapes. 6.5.6 does Synth...

Drive won't write shows PEND-TLD status

I currently have have a library with two LTO 4 tape drives installed. My drive 2 will not write any data to tape, it continually goes into a PEND-TLD state and never writes to any tape. I'm currently using Netbackup 7.0.1 running on a Windows 2008 R2...

scratch by Not applicable
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