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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! backup issue

Hi Friends, Need your problem is i am going to take full backup of one mount point(/opt) in HP-UX client.This mount point contain lots of sub directory.backup working fine and it backup all directory except one dirctory.when i am going to re...

Resolved! ACS Tapes "recycle"

 Hi All We are planning to dismiss a 5.0 NetBackup server and re-use its tapes in another Netbackup server 6.5.3 , no matter of the backup images on those tapes , we arent' interested in preserve them . Our idea is to force the expiration of that t...

Catalog Archive: Exit with status 239

Hi all,   Maybe someone can shed some light on this topic.   Basically we need to archive off some of our catalog. Using the bpcatlist - client all -before <date>, I can view what images are stored online.   However as soon as I add:   | bpcatarc |...

fahis by Level 3
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backups failing in one policy

Hi All, I have a backup issue here, error code 13. But its not the exact issue i guess. My enviroment: OS-windows server 2003 NBU version- 6.5 Server - client Issue: Backups are failing, as there is no data transfer bw client and master in one polic...

Pinku by Level 5
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Resolved! How to upgrade the version

Hi All, In our One data center we are using version veritas netbackup .We have started another one data center and there,the vendor installed 6.5 version netbackup.Can any on help me to upgrade  the version from 6.5 to

Resolved! Great Catalog problem / daylight saving error

Hello I think I´m w/ a great problem in my hands there was a script ntpdate to automatically change the time using the AD server and stuff I don´t know why the time was set to 03/20/10 I have manualy  changed the server time  and didn´t note ab...

Netbackup 7.0 for VMware on RHEL5

Hi, I am new to Netbackup and I have been trying to configure the backup solution for a VMware vSphere virtual environment. I have installed my master server on Red Hat Enterprise 5, then I read on the documentation that in order to use Netbackup...

Netbackup 6.5 Archive questions

So I'm wanting to put together an archive process in our environment but have a few questions regarding the functionality of the archive option. 1) It seems I can only do an archive as well as an archive restore from the source system? I'd really ...

elanmbx by Level 6
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B2D2T for MS Exchange GRT

 Hi, I have performed MS Exchange GRT backup to disk staging then relocate to tape.  I have configured the retention to 1 month (4 weeks) for backup to disk staging, the retention for data in the tape will also have 1 month retention. After that I...

Sean_- by Level 5
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Resolved! Yet another Oracle thread - this time an interesting error

Ok, I've been on a roll with Oracle lately.  Its like every time we start up a new set of hot Oracle backups, something different goes wrong. The setup: I have 2 calendar based schedules, one to run every day of the month except for one, and anothe...

BMR for remote offices

I am currently engaged with a customer who is planning to deploy Netbackup 7 across the enterprise. While the head office runs mission critical appliations, he is looking for a Bare metal restore solution for 100 remote sites with a single Windows se...

dp_nash by Level 3
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NBU Catalog sizing with PDDO

We are preparing to install NBU 7 with PDDO plugin on the Media Servers using PureDisk as the storage repository (yes I'm aware that v7 has built in dedupe, but we are on iSCSI which is not supported for Netbackup deduplication under v7).  From my un...

nohup by Level 3
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Restore ACSLS 7.1

Hi, We have a big problem, our partner was update the ACSLS 7.1 to 7.3, but he ran an script to make an export and delete everything. In this moment we don't know what happened. Please help! :(

Frequency Schedule

I've read many postings on frequency based scheduling but haven't found the answer I'm looking for. I'm trying to implement a frequency based schedule for a majority of my policies following the method described in this blog entry http://blogs.netap...

What does "VMDK Type" Option Exactly mean ?

As per Doc: 0-Optimized The virtual disk (vmdk) files are optimized so that only the necessary blocks are transferred. If a virtual machine has a 200-GB disk but only 10 GB are used, the vmdk file that is sent to the proxy is 10 GB plus the grain ...