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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! TCP 10058: Can't send after socket shutdown

Hi Gurus Env :  Master NBU 6.54  running on AIX 5.3           Media NBU 6.54 running on AIX 5.3           Client  5.1 MP3  running on Win2k sp4 Description I am getting  a  file read error (13) on a consistent basis regardless of the  backup ( Ful...

Anth105 by Level 4
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vlt_ejectlist_notify script

Has anyone modified this script to actually include the list of tapes scheduled to be ejected.  The default looks like this. Thu 07/30/2009 11:40a: ------------------------------------------------ Thu 07/30/2009 11:40a: ROBOT: 0 Thu 07/30/2009 11:...

js88699 by Level 5
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Resolved! How to turn off Master Server authentication

Ok, I've messed up my master server and told it to authenticate "required".  Now, I can't start my Administrative Console.  It tells me I need to log in as a different user.  And even though I put in the "admin" user on my authentication server and ...

dwmarsh by Level 3
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Checking Oracle RMAN backups for Restore with NetBackup

We are trying to run a test restore using VERITAS on an Oracle RMAN backup. We have an Oracle 10g database which is backed up using RMAN and VERITAS NetBackup via a backup agent on a different server to the client. On the client server, the Oracle d...

Win2008 and admin rights for installs

Netbackup client is a new Win2008 server. (64) I have many 2008 servers already working - I have 2 new ones that are not quite right. I am NOT looking to change the way we do the installs - I am looking for what is configured wrong on the wi...

Resolved! netbackup 6.5.4 error.

I have recently upgraded to 6.5.4  and i noticed even when i take normal backups for windows file system under ms-windows-nt, i see that snapshots are being generated. Is this by design? 7/30/2009 10:19:33 AM - requesting resource 7/30/2009 10:19:...

Java console not opening

Hi Team We had upgraded our master server from netbackup 6.0 to netbackup 6.5.4 .Our upgradation is completed sucessfully .We had upgraded our Java too..But post installation we are not able to open the java console .Will any  one help me out ?? Ma...

shans by Level 4
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Resolved! backup environment audits

I want to audit on our backup environment identify list of backup servers and volumes that are in the backup selection list. Any help and advice will be appreciated Backup environment 1x master Netbackup 6.5.3 7 x media servers 1X NOM 6.5.3 over 200...

Resolved! Windows Server 2008 Client issues

Hello I have just joined the first Windows Server 2008 as a client in our NetBackup enviroment. When i did a full backup of the server the Status log shows the following: 29-07-2009 23:12:12 - Warning bpbrm(pid=5084) from client SERVER01: W...

Resolved! Difference in Netbackup versions

Hi All, Any one please tell me what is difference between the netbackup versions 4.5 ,5.0, 5.1,6.0 & 6.5. If any link is there please let me know. Thanks Shrikumar

Policy is running Twice

Hello Friends, I have a very strange issue on my backup. One of the SQL policy in my backup environment is running twice. Here I am explaning what exactly it is happening: Policy Name : SQLDiff_Backup The Schedule Time: 5:00pm When it triggers au...

mohanty by Level 4
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Getting error code 13 while trying to backup System_State:\

Hi Everyone, I will appreciate your advice with issue that we are facing lately with backup of two different W2K3 x64 servers: Jobs are falling with error code 13. We replaced every network component involve and reinstall agent didn't solve it. I ha...

Avi_H by Level 2
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Resolved! Win2K3 Install: Failure to properly detect Dell PV-132T. "Unable to determine robot type. The robot device does not support serialization."

All, We have a Dell PowerVault 132T Tape library with 2 LTO-2 drives in it (~24 slots) on a Windows 2003 Server platform.  This is a known-good library with known-good drives, since we have Backup Exec installed on the same server using the same rob...

dot_mil by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup 5.1 going threw scratch tapes very fast

We run backups 24/7 and have recently received 80 brand new LTO1 tapes 2 weeks ago.  Now we have 10 new tapes left out of that original 80.  We have had problems with not enough space in our library but 3 weeks ago we expanded our library so space is...

NBU + VCS +GCO + SCS = ?

Hi all, I've been reading the whitepaper "Implementing Highly Available Data Protection with NetBackup" with great interest and investiagting the possibility of a new Master Server cluster with 3 nodes over 2 sites. Upon reading the Veritas NetBacku...

6.5.4 upgrade on Solaris master potential issue

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, so that they don't run into the same nightmare as i did when upgrading from 6.5.3 to 6.5.4.. I had a fun 30 hour day getting bounced around the world with support only to go back to my initial suggestion of re...