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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Can the tape be reused

Netbackup Tech support,Greeting of the day.Just for drive test a test backup ran on the tape which was backed by using windows backup.This is a stand alone drive in which the tape was written and attached to a media serve r server.Can I reuse this ...

Laks_P by Level 3
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Error No proxy found

Last night we our veritas just quit running and the only error message could find was in our sun logs which said "No proxy found" and that was only on the master server. Media servers that was last doing backups had a successful dismount in its log ...

Managing Disk storage units on NBU 6.0.........

I need to figure out a better way of managing disk space on disk storage units...Other than df -k....The kool thing about tapes... the systems tells you when they expire....Is there a way to do this for images on disk storage units?Thanks......Joe D...

Netbackup UNIX vs Windows NT Server

We have the opportunity to pick either UNIX or Windows NT for the master server. Most of the clients are a mixture of UNIX & Windows based, Oracle applications. Setting hardware aside and looking at the O/S for the master server. Who can tell me w...

Congratulations Bob!!

Congratulations to Bob Stump for hitting the Expert level!!Please allow 4-6 weeks for your Free Toaster to arrive in the mail.:)

Path for NB 5.1 to NB6.0 upgrade

I know I may be opening up a big can of worms here but I had a question about NB 6.0. We are running NB 5.1 MP6. I know that NB6.5 is due out later this year and we have a support contract to get that version when it is released (we already have th...

Moving to a clustered environment (NB5.1 MP4)

We are moving to a Microsoft Cluster within our network (file/print servers only; no databases or email servers). I know I will need to reinstall NetBackup, but have a couple of questions:1) The master server will NOT be in the cluster. Will I need...

confused about manual backup and retention level

I can't seem to figure this simple thing out.I need to run a backup with level 9 retention manually. I change the User Backup scheduleto be level 9, select that schedule, and start a backup. The backup is performed at level 5. I must be doing somet...

NetBackup, Backup Exec DLO, BESR, PureDisk - which to choose?

Our company is beginning a project to replace our current backup solution. Symantec/Veritas obviously has lots of products to choose from and I would appreciate some help in deciphering which option would be best for our environment. Here's our situa...

Can anyone please help

During any backup job/policy that I have configured I notice that both of the drives in my tape library are going "down" at least once every half hour and stay that way until an operator goes into Device Monitor to "up" the drive. This is queuing up ...

Need help cleaning up tapes

Getting the following error(s) on a 4.5 fp9 env:1171429502 1 130 16 cropbk01 0 0 0 *NULL* bptm Media Manager error 177, request can only be performed on the Media and Device Management Domain Server, host = cropbk011171429502 1 130 16 cropbk01 0 0 0 ...

Web Page Fails to Load

CCS appears to be having problems starting it's web service, reboots, restarting services etc do not help. Event Viewer reports : The VERITAS Web Server service terminated unexpectedly. It does re-start, but soon after fails.Any thoughts ?

cannot su - oracle within bpstart_notify script

Hi all,I have a problem on one of my Tru64 servers which su command within bpstart_notify script is not able to execute while calling from Netbackup. But I able to execute this script manually (from interactive environment). I can tell that the scrip...

Error (96)

I have a backup that used 5 tapes and then failed because we had no available media. Can these 5 tapes be used to restore files even if the backup failed? If the backup fails with an error 96 does the retention on the tapes get restored back to bef...

FAQ NetBackup 6.5 Release Notes

NetBackup 6.5 BETA version of the Symantec Veritas NetBackup (tm) Release Notes for UNIX, Windows, and Linux (last updated 2/16/2007) was edited by: Bob Stump

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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FAQ DOCUMENTATION: cleanup and recycling of unified log files

The unified logging can quickly fill up a disk. Here is how to get a handle on the logging.DOCUMENTATION: How to configure automatic cleanup and recycling of unified log files with Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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