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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Encrypted file Restore in windows

Hi All,I am unable to restore Encrypted files from Veritas 3.2 on windows, can anyone help me for the same....Its very urgentPlz. help.With RegardsDev

Minimizing Total Required Media for Backups

Weve recently moved from Backup Exec to NetBackup and noticed that our total required media per evening has doubled.We have turned off multiplexing to see if that is the cause, however, this has not helped. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.Th...

Status 50 on vault

I am having an issue with a recent upgrade to 5.1. when I try to run some of our vault profiles I am getting a status 50. I checked the troubleshooter and all it said was that the master may have been rebooted, it has not. Can anyone point me in t...

Master Sever V's Media Server

As I understand it the Media Server is a "helper" for the Master server. The master server takes care of everything. However, when does the media server come into play? If using SSO unless one specifies use the media server within the policy it will ...

New 5.1 Install / Planning (Solaris).

We have a V4.5 environment and we are going to upgrade to V5.1. As the entire 4.5 is a mess (someone didn’t know what they were doing, before I arrived) we are going to build a new environment with V5.1. Fortunately we have low retention periods. So ...

problem with Samba mounts on Linux servers

I am running Netbackup with a Windows 2003 server as my master and media server. I have several Linux machines on the network that I also backup.A couple of the Linux machines have mounted Samba shares. All are located in /mnt/. Unfortunately, Netbac...

One View of NetBackup Windows for all Policies

Hi,Is there a way to have a one-view backup windows (ie start/end time) for all backup policies? This will help in my backup window reviews with the objective to maximise the available tape-drives resource available within my installation. Currently,...

WinNT 4 SP6a - NetBackup Client 5.0 MP3 setup problem

Hi,I can't seems to find what's wrong. Kept getting connection "timed out connecting to client(54)" for backup job. Reported to VeritasSupport but help is not coming as fast as I like it to be. Problem persisted. Hoping to get some help from this for...

Backup issue between Netbackup and BMR

Hello,I am currently involved with a BMR migration, which has gone well minus what seems like a minor bug between Netbackup and BMR. I hope some of you experts can shed some light on the situation.During the BMR process when you have to do a full ba...

RMAN-04005: error from target database:

We have Netbackup 5.1 on Windows 2000 platformhi,when I try oracle hotbackup I get the message below:By the way when I initiate oracle hot backup on client side it works.But Master server side we get the message below:***************** BEGIN LOGGING ...

delete a image

Is there a command line for netbackup MP5 (for windows) for delete a specific image from my catalog?thank's a lot

Backing up a NetWare6.5 server

HiWe have a Solaris 2.9 server(BACCHUS) running NetBackup 5.1.0 GA Enterprise server on it, and it's been backing up various unix/windows based servers fine for ages, but we are trying to get it to backup a Netware 6.5 server (CROM) now too.We have i...

IBM 3585 + Netbackup 5.1 MP!

Hi,Has any one faced problem with the IBM 3585 + Netbackup 5.1 MP1combination.With the delay in retreaving the tape from the CAP portand other issues ??

MayurS by Level 6
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restore AD

I' would try to make a disaster recovery of my Domain Controller.I make a full backup in the week-end and each day a differential incremental backup of my DC.If I want restored the active directory, I must use differential incremental backup or the f...

NetBackup Java Console port

Hi, I have NetBackup Ent. Server on RedHat Linux and I have tried to connect to this by remote Java Console. On my firewall I have open 13722 port, but during connection java console want to open additional randomized port (sometimes 3071, 1141, etc....

Moving Master Server to Different Server

We are wanting to move our master from a server that is non-san attached to a server that is san attached and we would like to know what all considerations are there when moving your master? what all has to be changed?This other server will have a d...

Rman and Oracle templates

How do I modify an Oracle template after creating it using the Wizard. When I tried to edit the TPL file and add a few words Instead of BACKUP FORMAT 'arch-s%s-p%p-t%t' ARCHIVELOG ALL;I addedBACKUP FORMAT 'arch-s%s-p%p-t%t' ARCHIVE...