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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Backup of a single disk of a server seems to hang

I have a single windows server (out of 1500) that shows an odd behavior.I start the backup and have all 4 streams opening up (Shadow Copy Components:\, E:\, D:\ and C:\). All streams except the C:\ one complete. When i check that specific stream i se...

NetBackup unable to detect Tape drive

Hi guys,After replacing a failed tape drive, we are unable to detect the new tape drive.Env : Solaris10 Netbackup find some outputs bellow : bash-3.2# tpconfig -dId  DriveName           Type   Residence      Drive Path                  ...

Jules1 by Level 3
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Netbackup integration with S3 ...

Hi All,I am evaluating a scenario with netbackup 8.0i have integrated netbackup with AWS S3 as backup targetin S3, i have applied lifecycle rule where data will move to glacier after 1 day (netbackup will write data in S3, after 1 day, AWS will autom...

rVikas by Level 5
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How to add virtual interface of media server in NBU console

Hi Experts,I'v configured 3 teaming interfaces (total 6 NIC ports) on my physical media server. all 3 teaming interfaces are having their own ip question is how can i add these virtual interfaces as media servers in NBU console?also i wa...

dpx_99 by Level 4
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Resolved! (2016) Disk Storage Server is Down

Hi Dears,I have a problem with backups on DataDomain system, All backups failed with status 2016 (without any change on system).  ./nbdevquery -liststs -stype DataDomain -UStorage Server : DD990-1Storage Server Type : DataDomainStorage Type : Formatt...

SCOM Monitoring of NetBackup and Appliances

Hi AllI am looking for users experience with monitoring NetBackup using SCOM, particularly SCOM 2013.I have several NetBackup installations comprising of Windows 2012 and 2008 Master Servers, Windows 2008 R2 Media Severs with MSDP, RHEL Media Servers...

Mark_Solutions by Level 6
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bpbackup command failed on the client machine

I failed when I executed the bpbackup command on the client side with the -h option.Check the bpbackup log at that IP address of the clientY.yyy.y.yy.yyyy: IP address of the server<2> vnet_pbxConnect: pbxConnectEx Succeeded<2> ...

syum by Level 1
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Resolved! NDMP Backup Selection

Hello Everyone, We are backing up a volume/vol/vol_vm_linux_prd/.snapshot/smvi__SMVI_Production_Bkup_recent through NDMP backup.Can we change the backup selection to /vol/vol_vm_linux_prd/. Will it backup the same data as of previous backup selection...

File Servers not getting backed up

Dear All,In our Backup infrastructure, 2 Windows File servers are not getting backed up. However under File server backup policy we have Totally 8 servers, out of which 6 are getting backed up but not on 2 servers. Backup Schedule is not running for ...

Clustered 7.7.3 masterserver and SFHA 6.2.1

Hi allWe have a question from the SFHA guy, how NetBackup could benefit from the diskcaching (or maybe not)? He is referring to config of SmartIO.I would think the volumes should be set to NO Cache? I have little experience with this, and cannot find...

heinkel by Level 3
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Media servers load balancing

Hi experts,I,ve noticed that most of backup jobs are running only on latest newly installed media servers.In my environment, I have 6 media servers (3 for primary site, 3 for DR site).My question is which approach is best.Should i create a storage gr...

dpx_99 by Level 4
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Netbackup Appliance LUN limit

Hi all,I would like understand, how many LUN can see a Media Server Appliance cabled via SAN ? exist some number limitation ??The appliance is a new 5240 in 7.7.3 version.thank you very much

stucci by Level 6
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backup job partially successful.

Hi,Today one of my backup policy shows error and failed with error message "(1) The requested operation was partially successful.". I check status box and found the below message in status box:Error bpbrm (pid=46828) cannot start nbfsd on client1 My ...

puneetd by Level 3
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NBU client for Windows PC?

Hi,MasterServer/MediaServer = SUSE 11 SP3; NBU 7.6.6Question:Can i install NBU client to Windows 7 machine? How?Please advise, thanks.

kkhoo by Level 5
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Error Code 2009

Good Day PPl,Im facing an error code 2009 that explain “All compatible drive paths are down but media is available(2009)”. This error is talking about getting frequent tape drive down issue while backup running. Even we manually up the drive again it...