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help with bp -r needed

Level 2
Hello All,

I need a small help with bp -r

We have a production server A on which we backup a few mount points to tape every night.

The backup script i am not familair with but tags it with full_1m_on keyword and the name of the Database being backed up.

On Server A when i am connected and issue bp -r and then -->l (list option)

This way I see the Database i need and the full_1m_on flag..i note down the start times and keep them with me to restore on the DEVP env if needed.

Now my Question is --for automation purposes

When i am connected to Host B (DEVP) machine how can i query using bp -r and then then -->l (list option) to show me the Output i would get when connected to A (PROD) server?

I understand that this is a different host and hence i need to some where specify a client option,however i do not get this correctly?

Also i shall be highly thankful if there is a command i can fire to capture the results in q variable.

All i really need is when connected to a different MACHINE given a keyword and the date and the database name(essentially a set of mount points asscocaietd with a backup) to be able to pull out the start times?

Thanks in advance

Level 4

From the host B, enter a command bp -r --- > as you know it pops up the menu .. now you need to select Master Server: and Source Client: (Is host "A" in your case).

Select all other fields like policy type, search path, etc and then you can press "l" to list the images.

It will give you the exact output how it was giving in host "A".


Level 2
Yes that does show me now the backup's made for the client A

I can see the output on Machine B as if i was connected to Machine A

Now i need to get the output to a variable.

Please let me know

Basically capture the start_time into a variable Given the Inputs as full_1m_on flag and the name of the database and today's date as paratmeters

Thanks a lot for all help towards this.The first issue is definitely fixed.

Level 4
What exactly are you trying to do?

Do you want to the report to be printed on standard output?