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Useful Veritas System Recover 22 - Links

Release Notes for Veritas System Recovery 22 : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Readme : v22.0Veritas System Recovery 22 Licensing Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 User's Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Manager Readme : v22.0Veritas™...

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'How To' videos for Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

How to backup to Azure using Veritas System Recovery: How to backup to Amazon S3 using Veritas System Recovery: How to perform a Bare Metal restore using Veritas ...

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Resolved! Can Symantec System Recovery back up and restore MS SQL database?

Hi, our customer has one Windows server (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Std) which has MS SQL server 2014 installed. My question is:  If I use Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 to back up the whole server, will the MS SQL database be included in the bac...

liuyang by Level 6
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Delete contents of backup drive

How do I delete the contents of my backup disk drive where Symantec stores all the backup data.  I had to re-do my computer, so would like to start from scratch, so to speak?

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SSR ne démarre pas après installation

bonjour, installation de SSR 2013 sur un nouveau PC en win7 mais démarrage du produit impossible. l'installation semble se dérouler normalement et lors du redémmarage demandé par le soft, un écran symantec s'affiche et après 10 secondes environ dis...

cbros by Level 0
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Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 vss writer errors

sql 2014 is installed   no backups will work, tried every options, makes no difference   same error always     -Error E4F3000F: Unexpected VSS writer error. Check the application event log for writer specific error. Failed VSS writers: SqlSe...

Resolved! Drive information in SSR 2013 R2 event log messages

Hi, When SSR 2013 starts a diskbased job, it logs the following message to the Windows event log: Info 6C8F1F65: The drive-based backup job, Drive Backup of (*:\), (C:\), (E:\), has been started automatically. When SSR 2013 R2 starts a diskbased j...

Resolved! Best solution to back up Citrix Xen Server

Hello, I am wondering what the best solution would be for the following: I have on Citrix Xen Server host that has 7 virtual machines on it.  I am currently using PHD Virtual to back this up to a NAS.  I am looking to move to different software...

SreEula.exe - System Error when booting 2013 R2 SRD

Hi all. I have had a support ticket open on this now for almost two weeks, with no luck. I have 2 issues. Dell Poweredge T420.  Intel Xeon E5-2450 2.1.  16GB RAM.    Windows Server 2012 R2 Std.   System Recover 2013 R2 w/ current MS ADK installed....

SSR for Standalone Backup

I have SSR deployed for centralized backup & recovery of Windows systems. I also have a few systems which can not be connected to network, isolated. Can I use SSR to take the image backup locally to a USB/DVD? How do I restore the image?

Reparing SSR 2013 R2

Hello, Recently I found a reparing process in SSR, which is not proposed in the users'book ! Last two years, with Windows 8.1, I was suffering many troubles with the SSR Agent (if the computer remains unused during two weeks or if you change a hard ...

UEFI bios & GPT disk P2V failed with SSR 2013 R2

Hi I tried to covert my physical server(X3650m4 + win2012) to virtual server(hyper-v) by SSR 2013 R2.  The covert process worked, but when the virtual server booted, it failed. I wonder if SSR 2013 R2 support P2V for  the server with UEFI bios & GP...

Howto extract data from incomplete Powerquest 2vi Backup

Hello @ all, In 2004 I backed up a system with (I suppose) Drive Image 4 by Powerquest, knowing I will have to restore this image some years later. The Software created 11 cd-rom size backup parts + one s2vi file . 10 of them are in good state ("nam...

errtee by Level 2
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Resolved! Full backup in Symantec System Recovery 2013

Is there a solution for ensuring the full backup also if the scheduled time for full backup has been missed? Currently - if the scheduled time for full backup has been missed - SSR 2013 continues with incremental backups. This can result in a contin...

sg08234 by Not applicable
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