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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator 8.0 sp3

Can someone guide me where to find the documentation for Failover  and Failback procedures for DA 8.0? I am specifically looking for Failback procedure. If my primary server is back online, what steps/checklist  that I should look for failback. proce...

Resolved! Running privelege reports in Discovery Accelerator

Our legal team would like to be able to run a report of the items marked as "privileged" within a case or review folder to provide to the people requested proof of what we are considering privileged (shows who the item is from, to, subject line, time...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator search headache...

We're trying to run a search for email between two staff members. The search options for a "From > To" are returning emails where the person is also cc'd or bcc'd and we do not want those, we just want the ones were the staff members name is the only...

Bobc by Level 4
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator Search Help

I am attempting to just run a search between two individuals without turning on Analytics. I've read a document by Symantec and have attempted to the do the following but this does not seem to work: In a new search, I set the search field to "To" ...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator Client Ports

Does the new DA 8.0 SP1 client utilize port 8085 to talk to the DA server?  If so can this be changed on the client?  Also, has anyone tested running the DA client in Citrix or Terminal Services? Andrew

Andrew_Miller_3 by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Upgrade Recommendations 7.5 - 7.5sp5 or 7.5 to 8.0

Hi all-  We are at EV 2007 (no sp's)  was looking at upgrading to latest SP(5)  for 2007 or maybe go directly to ver 8.0 Reason for going to version 8  was that i was looking for BlackBerry support for EV which i am sure i read about was happening...

d_0 by Level 4
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Resolved! Discovery Search on specific attachment name

Using Accelerator 7.0 Can I search for an attachment with a specific name? From the help it seems I can just specify the type of extension rather than the name before the file type e.g.  all documents sent in a defined  time period called  "symant...

pbyrne by Level 3
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