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Migrating Vault Stores from Centera to Isilon OneFS 7.2

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We have a project that is coming up where we need to migrate FSA and PUBLIC folders from Centera to Isilon OneFS 7.2

We will be using the (Move Archive) to move the mails and journals across to the new vault stores on Isilon, But what we need to know is how would we go about moving the backend data for FSA and Public folders to the new vault stores

Would we need to restore the FSA files using the FSA Utility and then archive it using the new archive point location, how would we remove the old location ones the items have been re-archived

As for the public folder i would also think that we would also need restore and re-archive I’m I correct in saying this?

Currently running Enterprise vault 11

your help would be greatly appreciated


thank you











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yes it's either doing it the way you said or looking at a migration tool which can handle FSA and PF data types. i'd also recommend a migration tool for the mailbox and journal data. guessing you have a large environment based on the fact that you own a centera.