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Resolved! SQL Query - Need help

Hi Everyone, Could I request for a SQL query to get all the vault store and SQL server names where the DB’s are hosted? Thanks for all the help in advance.

Does EV backup mode affect mailbox archiving schedule?

Hi all I always treasure your reply.  I am running EV 11 on Windows Server 2008 R2. Last week, mailboxes were being archived well but when I checked status of archived mailboxes it were stopped about 3 days, so I found warning event log, which is 3...

Jake_kang by Level 4
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Resolved! Move active archive to different EV site

Can this be done? The user mailbox was moved to an Exchange server in another site. Can't move the archive as it says the archive is still associated with a mailbox that has archiving enabled. I can't disable it as the mailbox is now on an Exchange s...

Resolved! SQL Query Request

Can someome help me? I need a SQL Query that returns the number of items in an archive based on mbx alias?   Any help appreciated.   EV V1101

Resolved! Cannot find email restored from Enterprise Vault

I have a user that is a delegate to a mailbox and archive for an former employee. The delegate says that she restored email from an archived folder in the former employees archive and do not know where the emails went. This is EV 11 she is accessing ...

Enterprise Vault Compatibility with Microsoft CRM

We have the Enterprise Vault add-on installed within Outlook 2010. we also have Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client installed. Based on some limited testing it would appear that there may be a conflict between these two add-ons; when both add-...

Resolved! EV 11License

My EV 11 trial license is expired and want to install the same but. i received the license is  36 charactor log key. how to install this on same server.  

Jomy by Level 5
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Resolved! I can't configure EV Reporting Configuration

Hi all I am running EV 11.0.1 Ver. on Windows 2008 R2. Today I tried to configure EV Reporting Configuration, but I couldn't it because of following error messages SQL and EV is correctly working. What should I do to resolve this error?  

Jake_kang by Level 4
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Resolved! Migrate Exchange 2010 Archived Mailboxes to O365

One of our clients are migration their Exchange 2010 archived mailboxes to O365. The concern is that when the users are migrated, it will break the link (stub) between legacy EV and destination mailbox (on Exchange online) which will leave the users ...

Itegral by Level 6
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Shortcut doesn't open

Every couple days, I receive support request that user can't open there shortcut, I test most of the time I don't have any problem (my Outlook) but other desktop in my room have. I restart the Enterprise Vault Admin Service, all everything start work...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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FSA Placeholders not getting created

Hi, I have installed EV11.0.1 for FSA Archiving. We have added the CIFS shares hosted on EMC VNX 5700 as the FSA targets. We have setup the Archiving task to archive the data that is stored on the CIFS shares. When we are running the Archiving task...

Resolved! Office Mail App

Hi, Just installing the Office Mail App on some test users. I had to install the certificate first and I followed the guide at all seems OK, I can browse to https://EVServer but i get errors when accessin the Se...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Resolved! EV 10 File System Archiving populatebillingaccount

Hi Experts, First questions, I have EV 10 FSA server and in Archive general properties for users, the "Bill usage to" is blank. Is PopulateBillingAccount registry value applicable to EV FSA?   Second Question, if yes (from above), from EV FSA repo...

Resolved! Inquiry regarding Compatibility

Hello there, I want to know if EV 11.0.1 CHF2 supports Exchange 2010 SP3 RU 11. I currently have Exchange 2010 SP3 RU3, however we wish to upgrade. Also, what all things should be taken care of from an EV admin's perspective while performing this u...

Tracking of sis parts in the databases

Hello together, I’ve got a question regarding the tracking of sis parts. From my understanding Enterprise Vault tracks dvs files in the watchfile table of the vaultstore database. But where do we track the dvssp and dvssc files?   The membertabl...

Marcde by Moderator
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Resolved! Inquiry regarding Retention Category

We have Enterprise Vault 10.0.4. I want to change the retention category for the items that are archived by the Journal from 10 to 5 years. So Storage Expiry process will work for the newly archived items for 5 years. But we want to learn is there...

Resolved! Urgent: Script from TECH214373

Hello,   can anyone please provide the script from   ?   Veritas, going offline for extended maintenance and without a schedule on a monday morning - you must be kidding me!     Than...

vmds by Level 5
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