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Cannot drag mail messages into Virtual Vault

I've been testing Virtual Vault in preparation for releasing to users in the future when we move to Office 2010.  Our current environment is Enterprise Vault 8.0 sp4 on the servers and Outlook http addin 9.0.1.  I am using Office 2010 and have Virtua...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault - Pending Vault to Vaulted problems

All,   Running into problems here with EV. Not really experienced using the product. I have already placed a call to Support and opened a case for assistance, but thought I would throw this out to the community. We have EV 8.0, with Exchange 2007. We...

Unable to access original item thru OWA2003

Hi,   I am implementing EV9.0 with Exchange 2003. I got a very weird issue on one backend Exch Server. Double-clicking an archived item only show the shortcut content. On other Exhange server (archived by the same EVserver) everything works perfectly...

ElGringo by Level 6
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EV 8 SP5 - Exchange hardware refresh

  Hi Guys, I am designing an implementation plan for a Exchange 2003 hardware refresh. We are going to be migrating mailboxes using the Exchange migration wizard and decommissioning the Server once all mailboxes and backend services have been moved. ...

Matt_C by Level 3
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Resolved! Building Blocks V9.0 and NetApp Snap Mirror replication

We are designing Enterprise Vault V9.01 for a customer.  We need the site to be available in a DR situation but not HA so we don't need to deploy clustering.  My question is around Building Blocks configuration, there is little documentaion on config...

AllyT by Level 3
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"copying" archives from one location to another

I have a general question....the option to "copy" archices to another folder in archive explorer is grayed out. How do I enable this? I know to use the "move" option....deletes need turned on, but we are not ready for that yet. We are using Enterpris...

Tbshmr by Level 2
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Resolved! Event 4141 - insufficient diskspace available on drive.

Hello all, On a server, I have this error: (ev9SP1 on SQL2005/W2008R2) Insufficient diskspace is available on drive I: for the Enterprise Vault to run Enterprise Vault will now be shut down; to correct this problem, delete any unwanted files and res...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault increased network traffic

I am being asked by my network team why EV and the client are so chatty with each other. We have EV 9 and do not do any auto archiving. We only use the vault cache Does anyone have a easy explanation for the cause, beside normal communication?   I am...

djayroe by Level 2
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EV Dashboard 0.22 available for download.

Hi everyone, I just want to let you all know a new version of EV Dashboard is now available. This version comes with a few updates and fixes, the major news is the project is now hosted on sourceforge so you can download the code from: http://evdashb...

User Permissions and PSScript

Hello, I'm involved in a EV project that the client not use BExec for backup the EV Site. I want to use the PowerShell Script to get the site in backup mode before, and in production mode after the backup. The software used for backup is Data Protect...

AG81 by Level 5
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Resolved! File System Archiving performance best practices (EV9)

Hi, Can anyone confirm if performance is enhanced by using archive points for all subfolders of a large (say 100 GB +) data share when selecting from the add new folder wizard - a new folder within a volume?  The performance is measured over the alte...

roaryT by Level 4
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Archiving Large Journal mailbox

Hi All, I have a customer who decided to have Exchange Journaling enabled without any archiving solution and that mailbox is now 300GB in size. It is a Business requirement to retain the existing data in some form of archive and also carry on Journal...

KVS02 by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Upgrade

  Hi, I’m using Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4 in my environment. Currently following options of Enterprise Vault are installed Mailbox ArchivingFile Server ArchivingJournalingDiscovery Accelerator I’m planning to upgrade all components of Enterprise Vault...

Resolved! Scripted shortcut deletion in EV6.0Sp3

I have an EV6 Sp3 server that I need to export user archives off (going to use the Export Wizard), with a view to importing archives back into Exchange 2010. As part of the migration path, I need to remove shortcuts from the Exchange mailboxes prior ...

EV Dashboard...Now on sourceforge...

Hi all, It has just been brought to my attention is no more. So I have started to move things over to sourceforge. A slightly newer version of EVDashboard (0.22) is now available. This new location should give anyone who wishes to contr...

Resolved! Why cant PST Migration Wizard delete PST ?

Hi All I think this should be an easy  way for some erudite EV skilled person to get some quick points :) In the PST Migration Wizard if you select the Option to not create Shortcuts in the Mailbox you cannot delete the PST afterwards .This is by des...