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Protecting INDEX Locations

Hi I am working on a very large installation of EV for archiving and Journaling EMAIL - we expect in excess of 150,000 accounts over the next few years. We have been advised by the BA's that FULL Indexing is required for both user and journal archi...

mitcher by Level 4
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Resolved! SQL assistance gathering EV information

Since there are no canned reports that can provide this information - are there any SQL gurus who could help write a quick query (2008 sql) that would provide summary information by vault user on the total number and total size of email that will b...

Resolved! SQL CPU Usage is at 100%

The archiving service was running against a remote SQL server, and EV was causing it to run at 100% CPU.  The EV services had to be stopped as it was killing other SQL operations.  They are running EV 7.5.  This just started yesterday, and no change...

Resolved! Purging the MSN queue

Is it recommended to purge 8,600 pending items for archive?  I had SQL Deadlock errors that have since been cleared by a DBA.  However, all the archiving jobs have the pending icon beside them.  I have read the following docs: Document ID: 287877, Do...

Resolved! Move of FSA archive points

Hi Im planning to migrate my File server with placeholders . But when i recreate the same archive point on the new file server and run the FSA archive tasks it will create duplicate archive items when i do a archive explorer search . anyone can ad...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Move FSA placeholders

Hi, I am using Enterprise Vault 7.5 (with no service pack) File System Archiving. I am using NTFS storage to store the placeholders I’m in the process of moving placeholders to new file server due to hardware change. I want to move the placeholders t...

maj_rif by Level 4
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Windows Search and Enterprise Vault

We have EV 7.5 and to test this, I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Windows Search. What I have read is WS(Windows Search) capable of searching EV. But when I look at a simple mail that has been archived a few months ago with the w...

OlafD by Level 5
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Purge archives emails from certain folders.

Ok here is the scenario. I need to purge any items that are older than 18 months from a person Inbox, sent items and deleted items only. Not any subfolders. Is there a special way to do this other than the manual process of rcovering and deleting or...

Deletions in Enterprise Vault for Domino

Can anything provide documentation on how EV for Domino works with Deletions? Example - when user deletes message it it creates a record in the sql server in the table JournalDelete with certain fields set based on purge policy, etc.

The BackupExec Agent and Enterprise Vault

All, I have just been through a very interesting issue with Enterprise Vault and the Backup Exec Agent. I posting here just give others a heads up about where there may be an issue. We had been backing up Enterprise Vault 7.5 with BackupExec Agent ...

Mark_Ludgate by Level 6
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Resolved! Should EV be able to archive recurring calendar items

Hi Guys, As the title says should EV be able to archive instances of recurring meetings from Outlook if the scheduled meeting reoccurs indefinitely? Will EV ever archive these items even if you have "Archive unexpired calendar items" set to on?

Aron_J by Level 3
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Resolved! RecallLimitMaxRecalls with pass-through reacall

Hi, I'm shortly upgrading al large FSA infrastructure of windows file servers to 2008 SP3 and I'm sure I read somewhere that when you enable pass-through recall that the current RecallLimitMaxRecalls and RecallLimitTimeInterval are read to a new set ...

gmackinn by Level 4
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Resolved! Problem with enterprise vault

Hi I am having some problem with my enterprise vault, the icon are not visible in my MS Outlook. I have uninstall and install it again and I even reset the enterprise vault but still not showing the icons inside my Outlook mails.

Jongas by Level 2
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Questions About Accessing FSA Files Through OWA

Hi, I've set up mailbox and FSA archiving in our site (two EV servers, both 8.0 SP3).  I noticed that when users log in to OWA and open Archive Explorer, in addition to their mailbox, they also get access to file folders that have been archived by F...