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Exchange archiving task fail

Hi.Exchange archiving task fail with message "Failed to synchronize Enterprise Vault with details from Exchange Server" Reason: The queue does not exist or you do not have sufficent permissions to perform the operation.I've uninstalled and reinstalle...

DCOM error on EV binaries re-install

We have Enterprise Vault V10 - I know right, but we are upgrading to V11 next week as the jump to V12 is a little to big a step at the moment.We experienced an issue recently where we couldn't use the EV GUI to change EV vault locations. We were advi...

Bar_JB by Level 3
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RPC over HTTP Proxy URL

I had a user with Win7/Outlook 2013 working offsite with no problems getting their archived email to come up.  Helpdesk sent out a WIn10/Outlook 2016 setup and it doesn't appear to honor the RPC over HTTP Proxy URL anymore or for whatever reason it t...

DanJ71 by Level 3
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Resolved! EVPM on public folders

Hi,I know I can suppress archiving via the Full Outlook Add-In.But I want to stop archiving from the beginning, so I started to use EVPM DoNotArchive Rule. Unfortunately, it won't work, do you have any idea for an error? maybe blank space or somethin...

FLX by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault backup using Backup Exec

Dear All,We just finishing installing and configuring Enterprise Vault in our environment. Before archiving is applied through the enterprise, I would like to have a proper working backup procedure in place. Brief of the configuration is below;Enterp...

items did not expire with new retention category

I am running EV 11.0.1 with Exchange 2013I applied a new Exchange mailbox policy and retention category (retain for 1 year) to a provisioning group recently. Exchange archiving works, but the retention policy doesn't seems to run. When I run the Stor...

Amend index locations after DR

Is it possible to amend the index locations after a DR Failover? The index data has been copied to the DR server on a drive that matches the production server. But to change from the default location it's saying the folder we choose should be empty. ...

Virtualize Enterprise Vault server

Hi guys,I just joined this new company as the IT Manager and they're using Enterprise Vault is the first time I'm dealing with Enterprise Vault and the first thing i'd like to do is to virtualize (VMWare, not HyperV) the server since ...

How many DCs needed for EV Servers

Hi All,I need your help in sorting something which looks little tricky to me.I have 40 EV 11 Servers3 SQL Servers1,30,000 Active Users My question is, how many domain controllers do I need to address these many numbers of servers?The issue is: My AD ...

Resolved! Potential SQL mixed collation??

HiI'm planning to move EV databases between an SQL2008  server and SQL2012 server to allow for an EV12.x upgrade.The existing SQL 2008 server has a collation of SQL_Latin1_GENERAL_CP1_CI_AS and the new server has Latin1_General_CI_AS. Would this be v...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! Clever way to Upgrade to EV 12 sp1

Hi AllI have an upgrade this weekend from EV 11sp1 ch5 to EV 12 sp 1I have 12 servers I need to upgrade and I want to avoid the unlikely reality of installing the new binaries on all 12 servers and then the Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade process fails and w...