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S/MIME Encrypted Mails - decrypt them for ev

Hi,wondering if there is any possibility to decrypt S/MIME protected mails before they were ingested to EV to reach Compliance. After a search in the documentation end this community there are possibilities for PGP and RMS protected mails (there shou...

Jakob by Level 5
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Resolved! Support for Office Online - Sharepoint Server 2016

I did not find anything related to Office Online for Sharepoint Server 2016. I am just curious if there is any public information if this is or will be supported?We are facing some difficulties for archived items in MSS 2016 in combination with EV 12...

Marcde by Moderator
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Unable to Open EV Attachments with OWA

This might be a simple issue to fix but I am getting lost in 130 page documents explaining the beginning of time whenever I try to search for the issue. We upgraded EV to v10 changing servers thus the server name of EV. Now when in OWA, externally, w...

Resolved! Upgrade EV and Move AD Domain

I am planning both an EV11 to EV12 upgrade and am also required to move the EV servers to a new AD domain.I have the details on moving EV servers between domains (whitepaper) and am OK with that.When it comes to the EV upgrade I plan on first moving ...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 12.1 IIS Application fails

After upgrading Enterprise Vault to V12.1 from 11.0.1. the Enterprise Vault /EnterpriseVault application fails withCould not load type 'System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule' from assembly 'System.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, P...

mstinton by Level 3
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator vs. Archive Discovery

Hi,We have a customer with EV 11 installed and running.They are looking to buy Discovery Accelerator to address a single issue. However, looking online I see that Discovery Accelerator has kind of been finished and is now moved to be part of the "Arc...

Slack by Level 4
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Archive index issue

I have a user whos archive indexed items are not close to the index range. See attached. Does the archive need to be sync'd or rebuilt?

Multiple duplicates of archived Exchange 2013 contacts

We are running EV for Exchange version 11.0.1 and recently had to export the contacts of a departed user. When we exported the contact we notices that the number of items was a really large number, just for contacts. When we looked at the contacts in...

Upgrading from EV10 to EV11 - Know Issues

HiWe are currently looking at upgrading from Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 to EV11.0.1 CHF5 (and then up to EV12).We find a lot of issues with EV10, and the fix from VERITAS has always been,  'oh thats fixed in EV11, upgrade and you'll be right'We are goin...

LeeO by Level 3
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Resolved! Exporting Search results

From the admin console, I have done a search for the things I need to find and got back 50,000 results (this is correct).I now need to export just these results to a PST.However, it seems like there is no way to do this. You have to manually highligh...

Slack by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault not ingesting e-mails after volume increase

I have old Enterprise VaultSymantec CorporationVersion: ran out of space and I had to increase Raid partition and volume size. Now drive partition has more than1TB space available but archiving does not start. I opened last available vau...

leod1 by Level 3
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Audit Search

Hi,We have been asked to search through multiple users mailboxes for keywords. This is fine in Exchange, but not how I remember it in Vault. We are running V11 and I have not done this since maybe v8 or v9.First problem. I have no rights to the users...

Slack by Level 4
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current Sharepoint analyzer

Hello,is here a version of EV Sharepoint analyzer newer  than this: MS Sharepoint 2013 and above support.I could not find any.RegardsMichal

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! Error to execute Dtrace

Hello guys,I have a problem to execute a Dtrace in EV 10.0.4.When I run the "monitor" or "log" command the following error appears:ERR: {SharedMemorySink::initialiseMemoryObjs:#217}Status: 80.070.005I've reviewed all of the server's virtual memory co...

Germano by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Exact sequence of an archive run

Hello,My exchange admin asked me what was exactly ( step by step) the processes used by EV to archive Exchange Mailboxesduring an archive run ( determine what has to be archived, archive it and declare a mailbox as archived). As they are looking at t...