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Resolved! Failed to access the Folder

Hi everybody, we have EV8.0SP1 in our environment. I installed the admin console today on my XP workstation. When i try to view the archive points for a share of our fileserver or when i try to add a folder i get a strange error message: Failed to ...

WScholz by Level 2
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Moved Folders Not Getting Archived

Hi, When i Create a New Folder in my inbox and run the mail archival taks the emails get archived as per policy, But when i move a folder to inbox  (from other PST or Other Root Folders) the mails in the folder dosent get archived. Please help ...

Resolved! Restoring only the Archived Files that have placeholders

Hello, Fsautility restores archived files but restores everything in the directory you select. I need to only recall files that still have placeholders left. I've read a lot about using old backup programs or old virus scanners to recall the files....

Mike_P by Level 4
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Resolved! PST Locator task

Hey, Is there a way to limit where the locator task will search a server? All our PST's are stored in specific loactions on each server, so i dont need it searching every server and wasting time gettting to the locations where teh PST's are stored. ...

Resolved! Reading ESR Data via Excel

I am trying to review ESR Data to find out the Average Number of Messages to be archived from each mailbox per day.  Does anyone know an easy way to do this? Also, What does the column PerSzMsgs mean?  The data was also divided into three groups: Ma...

kpapreck by Level 4
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Error seen when opening an EV shortcut

I'm having trouble with our 3rd party add-in buttons being available when opening EV shortcuts and replying or fowarding them.  We tried the below reg key which works on some clients, but not all clients.  I can't seem to find the common element here...

Remove EV Reporting

Hello, I want to move the ev-databases from local to a remote sql-server. This will be not a problem. We still have EV 7.5 SP4 with SQL 2005. Upgrade to EV8 is planned after the database move. The question is: I have installed the reporting services ...

Weasel by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 8.0 SP1 Upgrade Storage Management fails

I'm doing a test run of an Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP1 upgrade, from Enterprise Vault 2007.  I completed the installation, ran the Enterprise Vault configuration wizard, and had finally started the Storage Service.  The Storage Service is terminating ...

Resolved! Filtering attach document

HI, anyone knows if it is possible to set wich document will be archive? Example: an e-mail have excel documents and another mp3. Can we filter the mp3? thanks in advance !!!

Gonza by Level 5
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Resolved! Supportability Issues

Hi All, Not Enterprise Vault direct, but Enterprise Vault related I guess. I have recently got a new coffee machine and my Symantec Enterprise Vault Mug does not fit it.  If I remove the draw at the bottom, it complains that the draw is removed.  I...

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Public Folders Exchange 2007/outlook 2007

Hi, I have a question i cant find the answer to. When installing and configuring EV on a Windows 2003/2008 server, installing outlook 2007 and the target exchange server is 2007. Is stil public folders required for forms? I know as long as outlook ...

Resolved! Archiving mail files

Hi, Can SEV archive mail from the file system ? If so, which mail formats are supported ? eml (rfc822 files), msg (Outlook format), others ? Thanks Rami

RamC by Level 2
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