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command to list backpu images retention period

hello,my media server(5230 appliance) dedupe disk is full. i believe it is due to some backup images retention period have been set for more than 5 there a command that i could use to list all the backup images in a specific dedupe disk alo...

Aris56 by Level 4
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Copilot and Dataguard

We're running Oracle 11g configured as a two-node RAC in prod and are using Dataguard to replicate to a remote site. We have two 5240's (with copilot) replicating between these two sites as well. We'd like to be able to backup the stanby database (to...

Resolved! Network Issues on a new 5240

Hi,i am trying to setup our new appliance 5240 model. First i was configuring the IPMI Interace with an adress of our server LAN 10.64.2.x. I was able to https and happy. Later the day i configured eth0 with a IP of the same network 10.64.2.y. I was ...

Kai2209 by Level 4
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Moving image from Bdisk to new MSDP

Hi NBU Team,I need youe experienced advise about some action have to take on costumer site. Let's explain:We have old NBU 6.5 domain. The windows master/media have several STU pointing to bdisk path.We are deploying new 7.7.3 env with MSDP and DD. We...

Dtrace_225 by Level 3
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Resolved! 5230 additional FC HBA

We have a 5230 model A (without FC connectivity). Is it possible to purchase additional FC HBA? I know it is QLE-2562, but we do not see any corresponding SKU in price list. I just want to know whether someone already installed additional HBAs into a...

Resolved! 5220 Netbackup Appliance upgrade to

HiMy appliance version is and the netbackup version is got the appliance upgrade guide for 5220 Appliance to go to, but I'm not sure how can I upgrade the netbackup verison on it.  

dugga by Level 4
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Resolved! How to recover space in deduplication pool

HelloI am facing space issue in one of my life disk pool. So thought to expire some images after duplication. But still space was not recovered. Though ran the manual clean up. Could anyone please help out hereThanks in advance

Appliance Diagnostic Center - what happened to it?

So in appliance version 3.0 the Appliance Diagnostic Center only seems to have a "Collect log files" option.  Am I crazy or didn't there used to be a number of utilities in the Diag Center?  I seem to recall checking & repairing issues with disk pool...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Resolved! Media server migration

Hi Folks - i would like to get your ideas in migrating the media server to appliance.Media server runs on LinuxR and 77XAppliance 5330 (Media only)I would need a decommission the my media server and move the config's to appliance.Please sugguest.

5230 - Set all FC ports as Initiators

*** Moved to new post from   *** Hi I have the same problem in 5230, I can't change Target(FTMS) to initiator. dcl-nb5230.FC> Show ports- [Info] FTMS mode: ...

lloyola by Level 1
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Migration of VMs Across Netbackup Appliances

Hello,Looking to understand what options exist for a particular infrastructure design.  Each vCenter cluster is a self sustained rack/pod with network, storage and compute.  Currrently there is also a Netbackup Appliance in each rack and a master dep...

Failed to Configured Master Server on 5230

HI,I've just done FactoryReset on my appliance, then i do a setup appliance wizard(appliance role as master). Its goes well with no error. But the appliance keep in factoryReset mode. When i login to Webui the setup appliance keep coming out. my appl...

akupeja by Level 2
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5240 Appliance & DNS Registration

I have a recently installed consiguration with 2 sites, each having a single 5240 Master/media Appliance.All was well until we strated seeing ALL replication jobs failing.  This turned out to be due to the appliances not being able to contact eachoth...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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