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Resolved! Rebuild master server

Hi,   I have nbu appliance as media server, and windows server 2008 R2 master server. i have big issue with master server that the OS is corrupted, and i need to rebuild the master server with the same configuration. So please what the steps to need ...

Resolved! VMware resource limits

So I can't seem to find any best practice information on V<ware resource limits in NetBackup 7.6.  What experience have had with setting them?  We are looking at virtualiasing 100% of our environment, using aVNX5700 array, on UCS blades with ESX 5.1,...

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Resolved! Unable to use Expension Unit on NBU 5230

Hi, We have a new appliance 5230 installed as media server. But when we try to use the expension unit, we cannot add it to the storage to use it. Here is the result of the command in the appliance to show storage : Storage> show ------------------...

Resolved! NBU 5230 tech specs

Hello Is there anyone who is using the NBU 5230 appliance? I am looking after same information as included in this link for NBU 5230 SYMC NETBACKUP BNDL 5230 APPLIANCE 28TB WITH 4 1GB ETHERNET - 2 10GB ETHERNET - 2 8GB FIBRE CHANNEL with SKU 21268476...

quebek by Moderator
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Resolved! Understanding Netbackup 5220 appliances Catalog/Machanics.

The base unit assigns 930GB for catalog what is this for? staging area etc. We have implemented advanced disk pool for catalog backups currently I do not  have a physical tape library attched to the infrastructure just yet.  The reasoning behind this...

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Resolved! Problem with deduplication pool on NBU 5220

Colleagues, Has anyone of you encountered such a problem - deduplication pool "diseappered" from appliance configuration, I mean size is 0, when I try to obtain some info on storage I get the following error:   Storage> Show - [Warning] Failed to get...

Resolved! 5220 rehydration how to

We have 2 5220s, one production replicated to on at our DR site. I have been requested to rehydrate the DR appliance. Where can I find instructions on how to accomplish this and rehydration in general? Another question: can the backup tapes that are ...

Resolved! interrupt when backup large SQL databases

Hi, Usually MSSQL backups are interrupted at the middle of backup, it success if try again second or third times. We tried scenerios below,(First tried with version, then and result is same) What is the root cause of the problem do yo...

Resolved! Backup Accelerator

Client would like to use accelerator and run full backups on standard and wintel policy types and do away with differential type of backup. I need to understand the engineering behind this as it need to be explained to Senior Technical Management tea...

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Resolved! Tasks for Configuring Vmware on Netbackup Appliance 7.5.X

Please confirm if I have missed anything  from the task list as normally I would carry this out on a physical servers/backuphosts. Using card 3/HBA on the appliance for San Switch. Setup VC credentials in Netbackup. Zone HBA WWN's and ESX Server LUNS...

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Resolved! Netbackup 7.6 Windows Client

Hi i am new to Netbackup 5230 Appliance which we have received recently. I have managed to setup the appliance but dont know how and from where can i access Netbackup 7.6 Software pre-installed in Applaince. Have read about it seems there is a window...

TusharB by Level 3
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Resolved! VMware CBT supported to tapes or not

I’m running a NetBackup 5220 Appliance (media and master server), which we’re using to backup our VMware based file servers using the NetBackup VMware policy type.   These backups used to run to disk but we’re having to go to tape and when doing so g...

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Resolved! AIR Import JOB NOT STARTED

Hello, I'm using AIR to duplicate to my DR site for the first time. My environment is version and I'm using two Netbackup 5220 Appliances with MSDP/PureDisk. In the PDC my customer executed without problems the backup and the duplication jobs...

cimo by Level 4
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Resolved! Client backup to 5220 for file servers

  Just looking for any other experiences on these types of backup? I have a physical windows 2003 file server (OS due to be upgraded at some point in the future) which has a 5TB LUN of SAN attached storage. I've had a backup attempt on a number of oc...