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10GBE NIC on Puredisk 6.6

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We are trying to use HP NC 522SFP 10GBE server adapter on Puredisk 6.6.03 servers, to use them for data transfers between the MAS/MED and Puredisk servers. While the MAS/MED are on Win2008 and managed to get the cards working, the Puredisk servers are not detecting the card as it is, and only "src" drivers are available which requires kernel sources.

Is the card referred above is a supported card? And if so, is there any appropriate link to download other than HP site as they don't list PDOS as a separate OS. Or are there any supported 10G NIC cards for Puredisk 6.6 ?

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Level 6

Contact support and they may be able to assist you in building a working driver.  Hope you dont have to go to 6.6.1 just for a NIC...